The New Normal: step 1

July 7, 2020

Hi Everyone,

The message is that we are to  create a new normal, one that works for us as individuals. We cannot return to the past normal; that normal is gone.

Normal means “the usual, the expected, the typical”.


Creating a new normal begins with a decision: what do you want to be usual, typical, expected in your life?

Center on you and your life; not your family, community or the world.


Ask: what do I want to be usual, expected, typical in my life.

For example, my new normal is always having a large, beautiful, bountiful garden filled with fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Your new normal might not include this; it is my new normal.

Ask the Angels

So ask the angels to guide you to select at least one new normal for your life.

Start with this one decision.

Write it down. Draw it. Find pictures of this new normal.

Add a piece of red thread to your work.

Once this is done, observe what happens.


Rev. Barbara

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Answers broaden life

June 27, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Some of you have done what I have done: taken up vegetable gardening in a very, almost extreme, way.

Here is what happen with me and gardening yesterday, Thursday, June 27:

When I started this serious gardening phase of my life I asked:
What do I eat and why?
I eat what I can find in the market place.
Those things are available because farmers find them easy to grow, market and distribute.
Turns out that these same things like green beans and onions are easy for the home gardener to grow.
Then I asked:
What did people in my area eat before there were supermarkets?
I had no idea what a broadening question this would be.
Dandelions, of course.  Poke berry.
I have yet to successfully grow dandelions in a pot.  I want pot-grown to avoid ground contaminates.
I’ve always left room for natives but have yet to actually taste poke berry.
And that brings me to purslane.
purslane annual or perennial – Google Search

Purslane grows all over the place. Like most of us I have pulled it up and called it a weed. In fact, I just pulled up a piece and threw it away; an act I now deeply regret.
The rest of the world does not call it a weed; in many cultures like the Middle East, Japan and India it is a high value plant because it has lots of good things for human bodies.
So when I was in Pikes, a local garden company, not a big box, I saw some purslane. It was blooming. It was beautiful. I didn’t know this plant blooms.
Of course, I didn’t know. I am constantly pulling it up as soon as it appears.
So I purchased some.
Got home. Did some research only to find that the commercial varieties are not eatable; you need the wild varieties for eating.
So I will be on the look out for wild purslane. Surely some will appear in my garden now as it has in the past.
And, of course, I ordered seeds from Etsy.
There are recipes on You Tube for now to use purslane.
And now I find out that there is a whole group of gardeners who specialize in native eatables.
I ran out of garden space weeks ago and am squeezing plants wherever I can find the right light conditions.
My next home has to have at least two acres of gardenable space: ie enough sun, water and, at the very least, half way decent soil.
Amazing how questions lead to answers which lead to growth in many different areas.

So what does this have to do with angels and the red thread?

Angels hear us and then guide us to the information or actions we need.

The Red Thread tells us that we are connected to all life including the earth, the plants, water, air, soil, ect.

There is no separation or greater/lesser than.

The most interesting thing is that we have been provided for. Spiritual people tell us this all the time; most of us don’t believe this.

Yet. Here is the proof: Purslane, dandelions and other so called weeds grow easily, all over.

It is we who do not see the provision.

Ask the Angels

I ask that the angels reveal more and more of what has been provided for us including all the stuff we have mis named, mis managed and mis treated.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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What are you doing?

June 1, 2020

Hello Everyone,

If it is true that our mind will create what we tell it to make; and, if it is true that the mind decides what to make based on the images we give it, the words it hears us say and the feelings we express, then what are we doing?

If we give our mind images of violence, words of disrespect and feelings of hate, that is what it will bring forth.

If we give our mind images of beauty, words of respect and feelings of love, that is what it will bring forth.


What are you telling your mind?  What images are you seeing?  What words are you speaking?  What feelings are you celebrating?

Decide what you want. Give your mind the food–images, sounds, feelings– that will create what you want.  Step back. Witness what your mind does.

Keep a record of what you do and the result you get.


Rev. Barbara


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Healing Commands

April 4, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Please speak these words at least three times a day out loud.

If someone is sick and cannot speak these words, speak these words for that person; speak out loud so that the person can hear them.

Please know that our bodies were meant to be well, strong and healthy.

Remember that our bodies will heal themselves if we give them the tools of healing: proper food, clean water, clean air, exercise, rest, calmness and a safe, stable environment. 

Yes, sometimes we need the assistance of trained medical, trained alternative medical people, machines and other helpful things.

These words are especially important:

Nothing exists in or about my body except what should be there.

My body harbors no tumors, cancers, viruses, or infections of any kind.”

Remember that we are the boss; we tell our mind what to do and it does it. If this isn’t one of your knowings, know it now.

Speak to your mind as if you were giving instructions to an employee:

Say these words:

My mind hears and brings to me Abundant Wellness and Health.

I have health and wellness in my mind, in my gut and in my heart.

Wellness, health and abundance exist in every area of my life.

My thinking, my believing, my behaving and my talking are about health, strength, fitness and wellness.

My body is strong, beautiful, healthy.

My body  is filled with vim, vigor, vitality and energy.

My mind/brain works perfectly at all times.

I easily do many physical actions. I have the stamina to do everything and anything I choose.

Nothing exists in or about my body except what should be there.

My body harbors no tumors, cancers, viruses, or infections of any kind.

I am completely in love with my body. I treat it with respect.

I give it real food, good food.

I always eat wonderful, health-giving, beauty-giving, brain-supporting food.

Water is my favorite beverage.

I give my body rest and ease.

It’s good that I love food. My body is its perfect weight.  I love good, real, health-giving food. I love being the right weight for my body type. I fill my body with good, nourishing, health-giving food. My body increases its metabolic rate so that all extra calories are burned off.

I give my body proper food, clean water, exercise, rest, clean air, calmness and a safe, stable environment. In return, my body gives me wellness, health, strength, flexibility, stamina, beauty and energy.

I eat slowly. I always eat wonderful, life-giving, brain-supporting food. I always enjoy my food.

My body heals itself. I have a fantastic immune system. I am always well.

I am doing wellness, not sickness. My immune system is super effective.

My body loves walking, moving and being active. My body loves healthy food. My body loves water.

My body loves rest. My body loves being in balance.

Every one of my body systems including my circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems work perfectly at all times.

I enjoy being in love with my body, my health, my wellness and all my body’s doings. I enjoy an abundance of wellness, health, energy, beauty and vitality.

And so it is.


Rev. Barbara


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Money Command


April 2, 2020

Hi Everyone,

For the next series, I will concentrate on sending everyone information and energy on increasing money coming in to us.

Many experts now say that money is as necessary to our well being as is food, water, oxygen and shelter.

We witness the truth of this daily. So let go of any guilt or shame in seeking money.

You are seeking money not to worship it but to use it to take care of you, a holy being,  and yours, holy beings, too.

Repeat often:

“It is normal for my money to increase constantly.

It is normal for money to flow into my life consistently.

The flow of money into my life is normal.

Money flows into my life in a way that feels good.

Money flows into my life in a way that is right for me.”

Saying this often prepares the way for you to decide how much money you need to create, how long it will take to create this amount and what you need to do to bring this creation into daily reality.

So. Let us ask the angels:

Angels of all of us

Angels of all of us,

Let us feel your nearness and your encouragement.  Let us feel your support.

At the moment, we need confirmation that you are real and are helpful.

Many of us have no money income at the moment.

Help us know what we have to do to create money flowing in to our life.

We want to know specifically, in detail, in images, in words what to do–which of our many gifts, talents, skills and experiences should we use to create a new flow of money, money that flows into us instead of out of us.

We are willing to have our talents, gifts, skills, experiences flow out; in the vacuum created by the outflow, we experience an increase of dollars, an inflow of dollars.

We are grateful for this knowledge.

And so it is.


Rev. Barbara


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Ask Your Heart

March 18, 2020

Hi Everyone,

All of us have concerns; concerns that we ask Spirit about, we ask the angels about, we ask each other for guidance and information.

I invite you to do something I have those who come for coaching do: Ask Your Heart!

Yes. Your heart.

Your Heart

Most of us don’t know that our heart has to give approval to all our ideas before these ideas become physical reality.

Our hearts bless our ideas allowing them to go to the next developmental step or sends them back to their beginning.

So. How do we ask out heart?

Step 1:  You will need a plain sheet of paper, several colors of markers or pens or crayons and your journal.

Step 2:  Invite the Angels, Spirit, your Guides to be present.

Step 3:  At the top of your paper, put your question or concern.

For example:

  • about my employment situation, my heart knows:
  • about my relationship with my family, husband/wife, friends, coworkers, neighbor/s, my heart knows:
  • about selling/buying a home, my heart knows:
  • about my food choices, my heart knows:

Step 4:  Draw an image of you.  The image for me that I use is an upside down ice cream cone for my body; I usually flare the bottom of the cone and make it look like an fancy ball gown; then long rectangles for my arms, short rectangles for my neck and hands; a circle for my head.

Sometimes, I had features like hair or facial details; most of the time I do not.

You could, also, simply use a stick figure or some other shape to represent yourself.

Step 5: Draw a heart, a large heart, where you think it should go on your body. Use red color if you wish.

Step 6: Hold a marker loosely in one hand; doesn’t matter which one; close your eyes; allow your hand to draw hearts on the drawing, the one you’ve just now made, doesn’t matter how large, where or what shape. What you draw may or may not look like a heart.

Step 7: While doing Step 5, think quietly “About my concern, my heart knows: ______”.

Step 8: Do this for about a minute or two; then stop.

Step 9: Either on the paper or in your journal, write the words that come to you.

When we do this type of work, we do not concern ourselves about spelling, grammar, design rules, art rules or any rules.

We do what we are guided to do. We make our own rules.

Step 10: Thank Spirit, the Angels, your Guides for being present.

Step 11: Decide how you are going to use this information.

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Rev. Barbara


My beginning drawing:










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No Gold for It


Feb. 26, 2020

Hi Everyone,

A friend said, “My daughter is going back to her college campus. Her online classroom might be cheaper but college is more than classwork.”

We both looked at each other, nodded and said, “Wouldn’t take nothin for it! There is no amount of gold that I would exchange for my college education and experience.”

Much is said about how much gold (money) this one or that one has.

Is their life truly rich?

We don’t know about them. We know about us.

I have too many experiences and have gained too much as a result of those experiences that are worth more than gold (dollars).

I wouldn’t trade the experience of friends, community, music, art, beauty for money. I certainly wouldn’t trade my health or strength or wellness for gold.

I have the wisdom gained from years of observing, listening, studying. No one can put a price on wisdom or what I went through to gain that wisdom.

My life overflows with gold–the gold that can’t be brought or traded away or lost. I add to that gold daily.

Hope you know and value the gold in your life. Know that its yours–can’t be stolen or taken away–but can be used by you and others to make life richer, more satisfying.

Here’s to increasing the gold that matters.



Rev. Barbara Lucas


Teacher, coach, writer, speaker, artist, gardener–the makers of my gold.


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Insight painting

Feb. 15, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Happy Valentine’s!!!!

This is Insight, a painting done as part of the Red Thread Study I am adding to my coaching and spiritual practice.

When I began this painting, I hated it; then I liked it; now I love it.

This hate then like now love is probably a pattern of mine.

The painting shows two medicine jars, a heart bursting with energy and one of the loves of my life-flowers. It also has 3 hearts and 3 triangles; all hidden but are some of the elements that show that this is one of my paintings.

Traditional turtle necks and long sleeves are also some of my favorite things.

It is good to take a look and see what is In Sight about one’s life.  In Sight makes us more conscious of who and what we are.





I think this modality is a fit for  you.  You came across with elegance and ease and wisdom.

I think all your training and education  come together with this modality.

Oh. and the red thread thing was really good…knowing I am here to serve those on my thread helps me tame my super hero “Save the world” mode I sometimes get into.

Feel free to use any of this as a testimony.

Thanks again,


PS A client has paid me $100 of the $325 she owes me; AND, another client has asked me to clear one of the properties she is thinking about buying.  LOL  Ain’t life fun?


To Teacher-coach Barbara:

Thank you for our coaching sessions.

On our first session, I ask for my money problems to be fixed. In the four weeks after that session, I received unexpected income from three different sources.

In today’s session, you helped me develop five questions to ask Spirit about fixing my money problems. As you said, we can ask as many questions as we like. I expect to receive clear answers that help solve my money problem permanately,

I will use the method you taught me to ask and receive answers and solutions.

Thank you,