Benefits and Features


What are the benefits of Getting Coached by the Angelic, Red Thread Way?

The major benefits are:

  1. Clarity

Clarity is the greatest gift one can receive. It comes from being coached the Angelic, Red Thread Way.

  1. With clarity comes the erasure of many blocks and false beliefs.
  2. With clarity comes knowing what once was hidden.
  3. With clarity comes the energy and will to act, to change.

2. Wisdom

The second greatest gift one can receive is wisdom. From doing the work of an Angelic, Red Thread Way coaching wisdom arrives.  One will know actions to take.


Clarity and wisdom can result in making a new story.

This new story contains the answer, the solution you received.

Instead of dwelling on the past,

  1. one dances on the bones of the past
  2. one stands on the edge of tomorrow; one actually looks into a future that doesn’t have the question or problem that was brought into the coaching session 
  3.  one steps into a new story, one that is a healing space; one that leaves the past in the past

In an Angelic, Red Thread Way coaching, what is unknown is  given the permission and the space to make itself known. This often feels like a revelation.

Often this new known is a game changer. It becomes a possibility. It opens us into a wider, sometimes slightly, sometimes massive new view.

An Angelic, Red Thread Way coaching brings a call to action, a call to take the steps that bring change.

You will identify one small step into your new story, your new healing space, your chosen future.

Clarity plus wisdom plus a new story plus revelation plus a call to action equals change

Completing the coaching session

You leave  the session with the visual art you have created while bringing forth clarity, a new story, revelation and a call to action.

You leave with the journaling done after each visual you created.

You leave having named one, small action you will take to bring forth the change you have named.

You leave knowing that clarity, wisdom, new story, revelation, the call to action, the visual art and the journaling came from within you, the place where Spirit, the God-Who-Dwells-Within dwells.

You leave knowing that Spirit and the angels were in attendance.

You leave knowing how to do this kind of coaching for and by yourself.

However, you know that coaching is as the Master Teacher Jesus  said, “Wherever two or more are gathered, there I am also.”

When the questions are too deep, the problem too difficult a guide is needed. Go here to arrange a Zoom Angelic, Red Thread Way coaching session with me.

And so it is.