Burning Bowl Ceremony

The Burning Bowl Ceremony is a ritual usually done on New Year’s Eve, but can be done anytime.

Some find this ritual so powerful that they do it on the final day of each month, the change of seasons and on birthdays. Other folks do this ceremony on New Year’s Eve and whenever they are thinking about starting something new.

The ceremony provides closure to the past while opening to something new. Traditionally, this ritual is used to let go of the old year and bring in the new.

In other words, we close the old and open to the new.

I use this ritual to help people let go of the blocks and resistance that’s keeping them from the success they desire. The desired success can be in the area of health, wealth, relationships, personal peace, or a specific event, circumstance, or situation.

This ceremony is for the release of what we are conscious or aware of; what we know for certain is keeping us from our good.

This ritual has two parts: a letting go and a bringing in.

When we do Part 1 of the ritual, we are cleaning out our mental, emotional and spiritual self. We are letting go of mistakes, grief, losses, disappointments, angers and fears.

By now, those who are familiar with the Law of the Vacuum have recognized that when we do Part 1 of the Burning Bowl Ceremony, we have created a space, an emptiness, a vacuum and now must fill that space with what we select, or the Universe will fill it for us using whatever is nearby.

When we do Part 2, we are filling that space. Our filler is our vision.

If we are doing this ceremony on New Year’s Eve, then we filling the space with our vision for the next 365 days. If we are doing the Burning Bowl Ceremony to bring in a new beginning—a new relationship, a new career, etc—we fill the space with our vision of the thing desired. If we are doing
this ritual to release blocks and resistance, we fill the space with what we expect to happen when these are gone.

Step 1: Preparation
Decide if you are going to do this ritual alone or with friends, family, community.

Gather: paper, pens, envelopes and a safe source of fire.

Some safe sources of fire are: a fireplace, an outdoor fire pit, or simply a fire safe bowl or dish filled with sand with a candle in the middle.

Make certain you are out of range of smoke detectors and flammable substances such as aluminum siding.

Weather permitting, I do this outside in my garden. As I usually do when I have a fire, the garden hose is within easy reach, and I have quick access to the water source.

If I’m outside, I’m aware of the wind and take steps to ensure the wind doesn’t pick up the fire and cause a fire problem.

The ritual can be completed in silence or with soft, relaxing music in the background.

If I’m outside, the sounds of nature are enough; if I’m inside then I play some type of meditative music.

Step 2: Letting go
Before starting, take a quiet moment. Think about why you’ve decided to do this ceremony. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to know what is true for you.

On the pieces of paper, write down anything that no longer serves you that you choose to release.

These items can be specific issues you had this past year or other larger issues that seem to loom.

Do be completely honest with yourself about what needs to be released. (e.g. health challenges; fear, jealousy, anger; nasty habits; unhealthy relationships; debt; negative thoughts/feelings, errors; concerns about jobs, careers, any circumstance or situation that isn’t what you would choose).

The list is NOT shared.

Look at your list and quietly say to yourself: “I release you. I thank you for your service, but I no longer need or want you. I love you. I am grateful for all that you’ve done, but now, I let you return to the nothingness from which you came. And so it is.”

Put this paper into the burning bowl and return to you chair or wherever you were sitting.

Be mindful that the fire in the Burning Bowl is an ancient, universal and powerful symbol of transformation.

The fire represents our intention of shifting the energy of our thoughts and attention. Burn what is no longer needed and watch, as like the myth of the phoenix, smoke arises and so does our hope.

Step 3: Bringing In
Take a clean sheet of paper. Write the desires of your heart. List your expectations. Into this emptiness you’ve just created list what you want to fill it with.

You can list things like: good health, trust, calm, love, peace, good habits, successful relationships, prosperity, positive thoughts/feelings, successes.

Silently welcome each of these qualities.

Imagine the new, the positive, the successful being in your life each day from this day forward.

Place this paper in an envelope, and then put it where you can find and read it a year from the day you do the ceremony.

When you open the envelope, quietly read what you wrote, and then think about what has shown up in your life experience since you did this ritual.

At this time, have paper and pen ready. Write a rave list of everything that went right this past year. Rejoice and celebrate each and every item on your rave list.

Step 4: Finalize
Give thanks. Simply quietly say or think: “Mother/Father God, I am grateful for the opportunity to cleanse my life, and then to select the experiences I desire.”

Allow the fire to cool. Take the ashes outside. Either bury them or allow the wind to blow them away.

Clearing Blocks and Resistance
My mission is to help people understand and use the Creative Process to bring good into their personal experience of life.

Often, there are blocks and resistance to using this process and even to living in the overflow of all good.

Living in the overflow of all good is one of the promises made to each of us. If we aren’t living in that overflow, the usual cause is our resistance to and our blocking of that experience.

The Burning Bowl Ceremony is one way of releasing the resistance and blocks we are conscious or aware of.

Please use Ho’oponopono, Intuitive Painting, or the InnerSpeak Method to release that which we aren’t conscious or aware of; that which remains invisible.

I will be adding information about these in the next few days.