Forgiveness Letter

Copy. Fill in the blanks. Leave plenty of room so that you can get everything out of you and down on the page. Do not give these letters to anyone. I destroy mine as soon as I know it’s complete. I write a paragraph or more about each sentence.

Most of the forgiveness letters I’ve written have been to myself.

Leave the English teachers and the editors out of this. Whenever doing this type of intense inner work, the concern is emptying out and not correctness of speech.

Forgiveness Letter


To: (the person I am forgiving)

Dear (the person I am forgiving):

I’m writing this so that I release any resentment or regret or anger or hurt so that I might have peace.

I feel angry that

I am fearful that

I feel sad that

I accept what happened. Remember

I accept the results that are showing up now

What I want more than anything

I’m taking care of myself by

I’m asking you to

I’m asking myself to

I’m asking the Universe and the angels to

I’m grateful that

From this point on, I intend

With Love,

your signature




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