Put Hand to Plow–the book

the creative process for individuals explained

the creative process for individuals explained

Put Hand to Plow is available on Amazon Kindle. It will be free from April 1 to April 5, 2015.

Put Hand to Plow explains the creative process for individuals. The creative process is the system of getting, creating and bringing forth used by all of us whether we are aware of doing so or not. This is the process used from the beginning of time to give birth to ideas, beliefs and thoughts.

It presents the Success Beliefs, the Critical Belief, the Universal Laws used in the creative process, the set-up process and the Steps of the Creative Process.

The words and phrases of the Language of Optimism are listed. Use this language and immediately feel a shift to positivism in mind and spirit.

Learn how to get:

1. survival needs-food, water, oxygen, shelter for the body; safety and stability for the mind; beauty and healthy relationships for the soul

2. success markers-cars, homes, careers, education, awards, etc.

3. requirements and preferences-the desires that make you unique

4. spiritual gifts-harmony, personal peace, joy, freedom, health, etc.

Discover the importance of displaying an attitude of expectancy and enthusiasm. Discover how to honor possibilities and options.


The steps of the creative process and the Think About’s for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are available on this site.

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