Steps of the Creative Process


The Steps of the Creative Process

These are explained in detail with examples in Put Hand to Plow.

Step 1: Name It

1. Name the circumstance, situation, event or item to be changed, replaced or removed from life

2. Explain why this should happen.

Step 2: Before Putting Hand to Plow:

  1. Survey Your Land: take stock
  2. Identify: what’s upsetting the apple cart
  3. Decision Time: select what is to be created
  4. Collect Data: what’s the history
  5. Motivation: be clear about why

 Step 3: Prepare to Plow

  1. Who? Me? No Way: the fear
  2. Speak your intention
  3. Predict the Future: use the Law of Mental Equivalence
  4. Align: use the Law of Congruence

 Step 4: Plow! Plow! Plow!

  1. Commit: speak your declaration
  2. Connect with Spirit
  3. Plow! Plow! Plow: do the work
  4. Claim and Celebrate

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