Think About’s for Put Hand to Plow

Think About’s for Part 1, Amend the Mind Soil

  1.  What do I feed my mind?
  2. Consider the images you observe as well the sounds you hear. Consider the emotions you    feel.
  3. What can I use to amend (improve) my mind soil? Consider adding to, subtracting from or changing the images, sounds and feelings fed to the mind at the present time.
  4. Make a list of survival needs.
  5. Include healthy relationships, security and safety. Include opportunities to be who you really are. Are these needs met?
  6. Make a list of desires.
  7. Include home ownership (not own the mortgage but own the property itself), car ownership, income generating activity. Do you have major portion of your desires?
  8. Make a list of your requirements.
  9. For example, you might require fresh, organic vegetables or a certain kind of bed clothing or certain music in order to be at ease. Identify these.
  10. Make a list of your preferences.
  11. For example, you might prefer rye bread, real roses, rock & roll music, etc. Identify these.
  12. What changes have recently occurred, are occurring or you wish would occur in your life?
  13. If you could wave a magic wand and have the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome take place, what would you bring forth?
  14. What changes have taken place since you added My Day Described to your daily routine?
  15. Find this on
  16. What changes have taken place since you now speak and think the Language Optimism?
  17. Have you ended the Curse of Sameness and the Comparison Disease?
  18. Describe your God.
  19. What do you expect to happen?
  20. Is this really what you desire?
  21. List the possibilities that exist for you now. What possibilities do you want?

 Think About’s for Part 2: Sharpen the plow.
1. Describe how your awareness of the actions of Universal Laws has increased.
2. Now that you know that problems come in order to force us to create newness, are you more accepting and relaxed about the challenges in your life?
3. Have you purchased or in some way obtained, the items mentioned in the Prepare for Action and Prepare the Self sections?
4. Name your support persons. How do they support you? How do you support others? How do you support yourself when you want to bring newness into your life?
5. How do you include Spirit in your creative process? What symbols do you use?
6. How often do you express gratitude?
7. Have you heightened your awareness of what’s happening around you so that you recognize when the Universe has sent you an idea, information, support, energy and anything you might need to bring newness into your life?
8. Describe how consciously, with awareness, your use of these Universal Laws has increased:
a. Law of Order
b. Law of Compensation
c. Law of Appreciation and Celebration
d. Law of Correspondence
e. Law of Faith
f. Law of Mental Equivalency
g. Law of the Vacuum
h. Law of Cause and Effect

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