Red Thread Circle

 Red Thread Circle

Every meeting with me begins with the creation of a Red Thread Circle. We pass the Red Thread and acknowledge our connection to each other, our ancestors, the earth, water, air and the Cosmos. We acknowledge our connection to angels and the Creative Intelligence, Spirit, that flows in all, as all, through all.

This space, this meeting, this coaching activity is now sacred. We have created this sacredness together. This is why I ask you to have a ball of red thread with you when we have our Red Thread Circle Coaching meeting.

And, yes. Via Zoom we pass the Red Thread; we pretend; we become as the Master Teacher Jesus said; we become little children; we become willing to let go of what blocks our knowing the solution to our problem, the answer to our question.


Creating the sacred Red Thread circle helps us acknowledge that our meeting is part of our unique destiny. This meeting and what unfolds was meant to happen.

As the meeting progresses and intentions are set, questions are answered, solutions are presented, the Four Red Thread Teachings are used to bring clarity and wisdom to ourselves.

Speaking our intentions sets up the Law of Receiving and Giving; the use of the Red Thread simply makes this law easier to come about.

When we meet in Red Thread Circle Coaching, we are giving and receiving love, the love that says you and I both belong, you and I are both accepted and acceptable.

Red Thread Circle

By choosing to have an Angelic, Red Thread Coaching, we are choosing to have a sacred experience, to create circle, one of the most powerful and sacred of meetings.

We each—the coach, me, and you, the client—contribute to this experience.

Being part of a Red Thread Circle ends one of the least talked about dangers of our time, the danger of being isolated, of thinking that we are outside Life looking in.

When we pass the Thread in a Zoom coaching session, we always pretend to pass it to people on either side of us so that we create an image of others near us holding their piece of the thread.

Doing this gives us a strong sense of connection.

Red Thread Circle is a powerful way to sense and accept connection and belonging.