Change the past; change the present.

Change the stories of sadness, loss and pain that we tell and retell, that we act out and then act out again and again; the we live and relive continuously; change these stories to ones of joy, ease and having more than enough of all things good; and, the present changes.

Change these stories; change the present.

Clear the effects of past betrayals, conflicts and punishments; clear the anger, hate and fear that resulted from these experiences; clear the effects of false beliefs, of the feelings of unworthiness, of not good enough, of not doing enough; and, the present changes.

No. It’s not as simple as it sounds. It takes work to change our stories. It takes effort to clear the past.

Just as it takes effort to get a child to change what lives under its bed from monster to friend, from enemy to protector, it takes effort to change our memories, interpretations and meanings of traumas to ones of ease, joy, and living in the overflow of all good.

Change our stories of pain, struggle and lack to stories of joy, ease and abundance; and, our present changes.


There are three steps to change the past, change the present.

Step 1: Stop trying to eliminate the past, denying that it existed, covering it up, or pushing it out of sight thus out of mind. Instead, admit that stuff happened. This stuff is what we bring from our past, including childhood and past life traumas and events.

Step 2: Rewrite each of your stories of pain, lack and not having enough, each story of betrayal, of rejection and of unworthiness, each story of broken promises, of low pay, of judgment, and each story of conflict, upheaval and loss.

As soon as you find yourself, reliving or retelling or being an actor in a story of pain, lack and struggle, stop. Immediately, in the privacy of your mind and later on paper, rewrite that story. Make the story one of joy, ease and havingness; make it one of delight, charm and happiness; make it one of acceptance, inclusion and magic.

Step 3: Clear those issues. For this, you might need professional help.

Most people have six main issues to clear before or during the rewrite of their stories.

Those issues are:

  • betrayals
  • rejections
  • conflicts including wars, hostilities, compromises, jealousy
  • corruption including being lied to, promises not kept and the destruction of the ability to trust and forgive
  • deserving including not being able to receive
  • loss including death and endings of things like careers, stored money, possessions like houses and relationships

I help people clear these issues so that they can rewrite their stories, change their past; and, then their present changes.

Change your past; change your present.

Determine the issue you want cleared—use the above list or name something of your own choosing—, and use the form below to make a telephone appointment.

Appointments usually take an hour. However, please reserve two hours so that we don’t feel rushed and so that we have plenty of time to handle everything that comes up during our session.

The charge is $65.00 US per session.  Email for more details. Please place “angel” in the subject line.