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Hi Everyone,

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.” -Rumi

To Get Coached means that someone is listening to you; someone is guiding you to take the steps that will bring you into the future of your choosing.

To Get Coached by me means that I, as teacher-coach, take you to this place where the answers and solutions you seek exist.

You have fun, are relaxed and learn lots as we do this process.  Celebration happens. Joy is felt as connection to Spirit occurs.

As teacher-coach, I listen to what you say and what you don’t say.

I am the teacher-coach who  demonstrates how to access this inside information by making  marks–lines, dots, shapes, symbols, images–, using colors, creativity and language to make the opening that allows what you seek to come forth.

I am the teacher-coach who leads you  to receive and put to use your answers and solutions.

Creative Intelligence Dwells Within

The story that tells us that God put Itself where humans wouldn’t look–inside of themselves–is true.

God, Goddess, Spirit, whatever you call Universal Creative Intelligence dwells within each of us.  All of us have immediate access.

Angelic, Red Thread Coaching leads us to go within and get answers/solutions from the Source of all knowledge, the One who dwells within.

Your answers and solutions come from Spirit, not from me.  I am simply your guide to knowing what to ask, to then ask, and then receive.

Remember that this process is as the Master Teacher Jesus taught, “Wherever two or more are gathered, there I am also”.

So you and I together access your answer, your solution.


I use the Red Thread Legend’s Teachings and Intentional Creativity Coaching techniques to guide you to access the “God-Who-Dwells-Within”, Creative Intelligence, Spirit.

It is Spirit, Creative Intelligence, who has the answers to our questions and the solutions to our problems. It is the angels who protect and support us as we communicate with Spirit.

Coaching is teaching. It is listening deeply to what you have to say, determining what you need to know to bring forth your desire and them guiding  you to ask and then accept this new knowledge.

I depend on the spiritual realm which includes angels to help me determine the questions to ask so that the problem you want to solve is solved.

I guide you to use colors, lines, shapes and language to open to receiving from Spirit. It seems that using images AND language is the best way to communicate with Creative Intelligence.

The Past

I have spent years searching for the magic pill or hand wave or word that will heal anyone and everyone.

I stopped searching. There are none.

There are no free lunches or free cigars or free anything. There is no one prayer or meditation or practice that cures it all.

However, there are ways that everyone can use to gain the information they seek, information that when used  gets the results they seek.

A Way

The way I teach uses visual images and language. It uses you putting lines on paper.

It uses your words and thoughts.

It uses angels who guide your speaking, my listening and which lines, images, symbols to use to get the information and solutions you require.

There is nothing easy or quick about fixing and healing.

I cannot fix or heal you. You, working with Spirit, can fix and heal yourself.

I provide the process that leads to you being fixed and healed. I provide leadership.

Results Achieved

I lead you to the clarity you seek.

I lead you to the wisdom needed to know what steps to take now to get the result you dream of.

You use clarity, wisdom and action to step forward into the story you choose to live. You step into your future, the one you choose.

As you receive the answers you seek, relaxation, fun and learning take place.

The Nut Shell

The problem is always us and what we have hidden from ourselves. We hide what is too painful to face.

This hidden stuff can cause all kinds of problems in our health, finances, relationships, and success with career/work and hobbies.

There are ways to delete the cause of the problem without remembering it or having a direct confrontation with it.

I teach these ways.

In fact, scientists, medical people, alternative medical people and healers now say that we heal from a healing space and not from revisiting the past, where the cause of our difficult lies.

We create a healing space when we meet and put pen and colors to paper.

In our Zoom meeting, I shape this space so that it fits your unique circumstance.

Get Coached

All my teacher-coach sessions are done via Zoom.

Zoom is a computer service that allows you and I to see and speak with each other.

It allows you to see how to use color, line, shape, intention, creativity and language to access Spirit.

It allows you to see, hear and ask questions.

Using Zoom eliminates travel time. Both of us are in safe, quiet places.

After we have agreed on a time and date–Send an email to (b s lucas @ bell south . com) listing several times and days that you will be available to work with me; I will email back confirming a time–I am in the New York City or eastern time zone–I am available most afternoons and early evenings–gather some plain, white paper, black or blue pens and colors of colored pencils or pens or crayons or chalk.

Have these at the place where you will meeting with me via Zoom.

Near the time of our meeting, I will email the access code.

When it arrives, click on the code; you will be taken to me.  The code is usually in blue.


Remember: until you fix and heal yourself, situations and circumstances won’t permanently change.

Remember: I cannot heal you; only you working with Spirit can heal you.

Remember: all humans were given the ability to heal themselves; we seldom use this ability; most of us have forgotten how to use it.


Use the button below to pay for  your Get Coached meeting.

The fee for each  meeting  is $125.00 US.

Use PayPal. That access is below and on many of this site’s pages.

Yes. Paying is part of life. Doing so activates the Law of Giving and Receiving and the Law of Compensation.

I use PayPal because it is safe and easy.

A meeting is defined as the first emails, the Zoom meeting and one follow-up email.

A follow-up email is the one you might send after our Zoom meeting to gain further clarity, knowing and wisdom.

There are no refunds. If you need to reschedule, we will do so up to three times.

Everything is customized to fit your situation. The fact is you either do the work and get results or you don’t do the work and get no results.

Thank you for allowing me to guide your learning so that you can fix and heal you.

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