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My work is based on Isaiah 5:50 “So is my word; I send it out and it always produces fruit. My word shall accomplish all I send it out to do and prosper everywhere I send it”; and, Matthew 7:7 “You have not because you ask not.”

Use bslucas@bellsouth.net to contact me.  Please put “angel” in the subject area. Via email, we will set a time to talk. We will spend about an hour talking either by phone or Skype.

I, as spiritual coach, will help you Connect to, Consult with and Receive from Spirit.

At the time of our connection, I will listen deeply; we will discuss the matter; I will give a short prayer that will name the beliefs, attitudes and practices needed to solve your problem.

I will do spiritual work on your behalf every day for 30 days; but, you must also do some work.

Within twenty-four hours of our talk (Week one: Connection:), I will send you actions to add to your spiritual practice that will help you prepare your mental and emotional environment to receive what you are seeking.

Week two: Consultation: I will send a prayer focused totally on your situation or circumstance.

Week three: Revelation: I will send any communications from Spirit pertaining to you. It is usually seven to ten days after our initial meeting that Spirit speaks to me telling me specifics about what has to be done by you to remedy the situation discussed. For example, you might have a Case of  Short Sightedness, or a Fear of Judgment, or a Reluctance to be Grateful, or to do Forgiveness.

Week four: Receive: I will send ways to delete resistance and other responses that might be preventing you from receiving the blessings of Spirit.

The fee for each coaching session is $65.00 US. A session is defined as our talk, the 30 days of spiritual work I do for you, and the written information I send you each week.

Thank you for allowing me to help you Connect to, Consult with and Receive from Spirit.

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