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My work is based on Isaiah 5:50 “So is my word; I send it out and it always produces fruit. My word shall accomplish all I send it out to do and prosper everywhere I send it”; and, Matthew 7:7 “You have not because you ask not.”

Consultations with Rev. Barbara are done via email.

I have spent years searching for the magic pill or hand wave or word that will heal anyone and everyone.

There are none. I stopped searching.

There are no free lunches or free cigars or free anything. There is no one prayer or meditation or practice that cures it all.

However, there are ways that everyone can use and get results.

There is nothing easy or quick about fixing and healing.

There is only the hard work of knowing what to do and then doing it and then maintaining.

There is only me fixing and healing me; there is only you fixing and healing you.

When I realized this, I stopped trying to be a healer.

However, there are ways that everyone can use and get results.

I cannot fix or heal you. You can fix and heal yourself.

I can provide the knowing what to do to fix and to heal. I can provide support and encouragement.

I do provide hope. I do provide empowerment.

I do explain ways that everyone can use and get results.

The Nut Shell

The problem is always us and what we have hidden from ourselves. We hide what is too painful to face.

This hidden stuff can cause all kinds of problems in our health, finances, relationships, and success with career/work and hobbies.

There are ways to delete the cause of the problem without remembering it or having a direct confrontation with it.

I teach these ways.

In our email consultations, I will shape these ways so that they fit your unique circumstance.

The Email Steps

You use the button below to pay the cost of this service: $65 (sixty-five dollars US).

Send an email to bslucas@bellsouth.net (b s lucas @ bell south . com) stating that you have done this.

When I receive your payment, I will send an email requesting information about the circumstance or situation you want to fix or change or heal.

You email back telling me about the problem. Use as many words as needed. No worries about grammar, spelling, sentence structure; as long as I can understand what you are saying, don’t spend time and energy on such things.

I might need to email questions about your situation.

At that time, I will, also, in the same email, provide  what-to-do instructions.

I will do this within three days via email after I receive your payment of $65.00 US.

I will send one follow-up email that answers your questions about any emails I have sent.


Remember: until you fix and heal yourself, situations and circumstances won’t permanently change.

Remember: I cannot heal you; only you can heal you.

Remember: all humans were given the ability to heal themselves; we seldom use this ability; most of us have forgotten how.

My email consultations help people remember how and then magnify this ability.

Next Step

Use the button below to order your Email Consultation.

The fee for each  consultation  is $65.00 US. A consultation is defined as the first email and one follow-up email. There are no refunds. Everything is customized to fit your situation. Plus, you either do the work and get results or you don’t do the work and get no results.

Thank you for allowing me to help you learn what to do so that you can fix and heal you.

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