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Spiritual Coaching

What is a spiritual coach

Coaches help people create and achieve goals in all areas of life.

Spiritual coaches use the Creative Power of Mind and the ever availability of the Power for Good to help themselves and others achieve the desires of their heart.

I, as spiritual coach, help people Connect to, Consult with, and Receive from Spirit. Go here to make an appointment.

Spiritual coaches offer guidance, support, and belief in who you are really: brilliant, creative, a problem solver. They see you as perfect, healed, whole and complete. Through this powerful intention of knowing who you are really, the energy of that belief is activated within the individual.

Spiritual coaches focus on where you are today and where you want to be in the future. There is no retelling of the past; no talk of should’ve, would’ve; no guilt or shame; simply identifying what’s going on today and where you want to be tomorrow.

Spiritual coaches help clear the blocks that keep you from being, doing and having who you are really: healthy, prosperous, fulfilled.

Spiritual coaches assist individuals in making changes in their lives by making changes in their consciousness, sometimes called mind, or thinking, or believing.

Their work is based on the fundamental Law of the Universe that states that all true and lasting change take place as a result of a change in mind, what is sometimes called consciousness.

As the beliefs, perspectives, and attitudes of the individual change, changes occur in their vibratory point of attraction. New conditions and situations are then attracted and drawn into the life of the individual.

Spiritual coaches help bring about this change by assisting the individual in adopting new beliefs, perspectives, and attitudes.

They help individuals take charge of their life through effective thinking and spiritual understanding. Providing a supportive atmosphere, the spiritual coach assists the individual in exploring their personal power and potential.

Coaching vs. Therapy

Coaching is not therapy, though it is compatible with therapy. Many clients choose to do both. Coaching looks at clients as being whole, resourceful, creative and fully competent to live the lives they are meant to live. There is no victim-hood here.

Rather than exploring and analyzing the past, spiritual coaches focus on the present, on current challenges and how best to meet them.

Put simply, coaching is a professional partnership that supports the client in achieving personal and professional growth and development, leading to the achievement of the client’s desires. Spiritual coaches involve Spirit in that partnership.

 Session with Rev Barbara

Spiritual Coaches are called upon to help clients change their beliefs, feelings, attitudes and practices that have resulted in cases of physical disease and emotional disturbance, family and financial difficulties, business problems, questions of employment, schooling, professional advancement, theological confusion, and so forth.

Spiritual Coaches help clients use the Law of Cause and Effect and its sub-laws to resolve each of these difficulties. Clients learn how to go back to the original cause of these situations and delete that cause. Clients learn how to delete any block or stoppage that might be preventing a resolution of the challenge, and then to fill the vacuum created by that deletion with all good.

An individual spiritual coaching session can help you understand your challenge and its possible cause.  It is an opportunity to receive support to expand and increase the good experiences in life that are already present and to create positive new ones. It is the chance to understand and apply Universal Laws and Principles and to forge a strong relationship with Spirit.

I welcome requests for spiritual coaching sessions on any desires or challenges you may have. I will help you explore and apply spiritual principles and law to the circumstances and situations you want to be changed. I, as spiritual coach, help people Connect to, Consult with and Receive from Spirit. Go here to make an appointment.

I am bound by a high code of ethics and respect your privacy.

Although I’m not a therapist or mental health counselor, I practice the same code of silence as these professionals and as do Catholic priests: what is said to us stays with us with one exception. We are required by law to report cases of abuse, murder and other crimes against humanity.


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