Four Truths of Peace

The Four Truths of  Peace

Sept. 25, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Last week, I admitted that I knew nothing about peace, what it was or how to obtain it. On behave of all of us, I asked to know.

This week, I received an answer. To know peace, we must know—really know—these four truths:

  1. there is nothing to seek; we were given everything at the moment of our creation; we already have what we seek; we already have everything;
  2. everything is within us;
  3. we are all connected to each other, to God, to all life and to all things;
  4. we are all one; we come from the same Source and are made of the same materials.

To know these four—really know these four—is to know everything.

The question becomes: how do we know—really know—these four truths?

We go to the angels and ask.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

Thank you for answering our question about peace so promptly. The quickness of the answer is greatly appreciated.

We are willing to know—really know—these Four Truths of Peace.

Please lead us to this knowing. Please guide us to understanding, acceptance, and then, action.

Help us to live in such a way that we demonstrate these Four Truths from moment to moment.

Thank you.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels

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When to fight, when to start over

Nov. 9, 2014

Hi everyone,

As you know, forced to retire or be unemployed, the individuals I work with opt to start over instead of being poor me or rolling over and playing dead. Many start over people have not only lost careers or long-held paid employment positions but have, also, lost relationships, possessions and stored money. The cause is nearly always some form of economic tyranny.

These persons have adopted as their motto: “I have miles to go and promises to keep before I sleep”, written by Robert Frost, American poet.

Start Over or fight

This line has many meaning. Start over individuals interpret the phrase as meaning there isn’t time or energy to spend on vengeance. There is only the means to determine the cause of what happened to them, forgive, let go and move on.

However, most of the people in this group are old enough to know that the above isn’t always possible. Sometimes, the only way to survive is to stand one’s ground and fight until the enemy yells, “I quite. I surrender.” This is so for corporate foes as well as political ones.

The trick is to know when to fight and when to do the task of starting over.  There is only one way to know: ask the angels.

Ask the Angels

Angels of all of us,

As you know, we have chosen to start over. Our desire is to take what we have—our gifts, talents, skills and experiences—and build a new, greater and stronger life. This is possible. Individuals and groups, stripped of all they have, have rebuilt families, towns, and communities many times. Their stories and evidence they’ve left behind tell us this.

However, our history, also, tells us that sometimes it’s necessary to stand ground and fight those who aren’t satisfied with simply taking all we had; they, also, want to wipe us off the face of the planet.

We want to know when to devote all our energy to starting over and when to stand ground and fight before starting over.


Angels of all of us,

We listen and watch for your answer. We stay awake and aware. We continually pay attention. We know that answers come spontaneously without warning. Therefore, we are alert.

We know that you and God speak to us all the time. The gifts of the Universe—ideas, information, energy, support and nurturance—flow to us constantly. We are never without.

We know that as soon as we hear the answer to our question, we will instantly know, “This is the answer. This is truth”. We trust you to answer us; we trust our self to recognize what we hear as your answer.

Our promise

We promise to take immediate action. We won’t wait. We will take action immediately.

We know we are walking the path you set for us. Therefore, we walk, listen and observe with ease and joy.

We are grateful for life, ease and joy. We give thanks for every answer and for our ability to recognize what we hear and see as you speaking to us.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas

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