The Unasked Question

March 26, 2017

Hi Everyone,

In the past few months, did you hear anyone ask, “Why are we Americans so sick?“

If our bodies were created to self-heal, and they were—over time, we may have lost that ability or lost knowing how to cause self-healing to occur–we shouldn’t require health insurance, or the elaborate health care system that has evolved over time.

In all the noise about the Affordable Health Care Act, I didn’t hear, “Wait a minute. Why are we Americans so sick? Why do we even need health insurance?”

The problem to solve is: why don’t we have health? Why are we so sick? And, why are we not choosing health and fitness?

Health Defined

Most of us limit our thinking of health to the physical and the mental.

Health is vim, vigor, vitality, energy and feeling good in all phases of life including:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Career/work
  • Giving (contributing, volunteering, i.e.)

Discover the Answer

Do this:

Step one: Connect

“Angels, and the Creative Intelligence of the Universe, I open to and receive your wisdom and guidance. I know the answers you give are always clear, effective, understandable and easy to do.

Step two: Ask

“What would it take for me to have perfect health, wholeness, and wellness in all areas of my life?”

For those who work with the Law of Attraction ask,

“What vibrational energy must I become so that I attract perfect health, wholeness, and wellness in all areas of my life? “

Step three: Clear

“Everything in the way of me knowing the answers to these questions, including Karma, DNA, family and cultural expectations, beliefs, habits, practices, inheritances and traditions, I uncreate, delete, destroy and transmute across all time, space, experiences, and realities. I receive these answers now.”


In order to delete and destroy all the images and words we have been given since early childhood that keep us sick and unfit, it is necessary to repeat the above steps several times a day until health and fitness is who and what we are.

Repeating these steps is the most effective and least costly way I know to bring about all of us being filled with vim, vigor, vitality, energy, and wellness in all aspects of our being.

And, so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels


Fear and the Affordable Health Care Act

Oct. 24, 2013


This week observers note the aftermath of fear taking over and controlling a powerful nation and its leaders.  Most of its people recognized fear and what it was doing; these people did their best to not give fear food, water or nurturance of any kind.

This was difficult to do.  Observers noticed elected officials trained in law and public service by some of the finest universities to ever exist forget the founding principles upon which the United States of America rests.  Some of these principles are part of this nation’s oral tradition, some are written and some are written and included in the governing document, the Constitution.

The founding principles that were overlooked the most are:

  • The majority rules; the minority is respected and listened to; its concerns are addressed, but the majority rules.
  • The Supreme Court has the final say when various parties can’t settle a disagreement; the Supreme Court gave its nod of approval to the Affordable Health Care Act; end of story; that’s America’s tradition.
  • The Office of the President is respected.  It doesn’t matter who is president, the Office, itself, is respected.  In other words, the proper and respectful title of the legal entity in dispute is the Affordable Health Care Act; to call it anything else is degrading, demeaning, low-class and disrespects the highest office in America.

All sides in the dispute about the Affordable Health Care Act have legitimate concerns.  Most of the time, the people who create legislation like the Affordable Health Care Act are attempting to solve a problem.   Often, their attempts don’t work, and unintended consequences appear.  

It’s America’s tradition to either throw money at a problem, or legislate the problem out of existence; neither of these actions work.  Usually the problem remains and fraud, in many disguises, broadens the problem.

It’s time to turn to the angels for help.

Angels of all of us,

As you know, the people of the United States of America are a generous, caring and law-abiding people.  We are, also, an observant people.  We notice when life in this country is not as great and wonderful as it should be.  We recognize when citizens of other nations are in difficulty and often attempt to help them out of their problem.  The great majority of us want health, prosperity, acceptance and tolerance for all people everywhere.

At the moment, the focus is on health.  Many of our people haven’t good health.  Angels of all of us, we ask that all of us be lead to take the actions that make us healthy; that each of us accepts the responsibility of keeping our Self, our family and our community healthy; that we learn to do this without the help of any entity but Spirit and those who dwell in the Invisible.

We ask that our personal angels guide us to change what must be changed so that we are healthy and strong in all ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

This is Rev. Barbara.  I’m making this request on behave of all people everywhere, no matter their location or tradition.  It’s time that traditions of ill health in any area of our planet be sent back to the void and replaced with traditions of strength, honor and health.

Angels of all of us,

Please make us aware of the actions we must take to be strong and healthy in all areas of life.  Help us to put these actions into practice.

We thank you.


Rev. Barbara

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