July 27, 2015
Hi Everyone,
As I wrote in my BarbaraSLucas.com Soul Colors Painted blog, opportunity came knocking, I answered, opened the door, and, as a result:

• I will be on Power Talk with Jean Adrienne this coming Thursday, July 30, at 4 p.m. EST. This takes place on   HealthyLife.net
• I wrote and self-published Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how
• And, you have the opportunity to get a free copy of that book starting this coming Friday, July 31, 2015 until Tuesday, Aug. 4 from Amazon Kindle.com.

The real opportunity is to learn about two healing techniques:
InnerSpeak Breakthrough Coaching and Therapy Process
• And, the Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how technique. Paint Your Soul Colors to get a clear image of who you are really: unique, fantastic, beautiful, whole and perfect. Once you see this, no one can, ever again, enslave, bully or control you.
Get the book, Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how. Do what it says. Experience radical self-acceptance.

Angels of All of Us Benediction
May the angels of all of us bring us many opportunities. May they clearly guide us on which ones to open to and which ones to let flow past us.

May we forever be aware of our angels and the ideas, information, support and nurturance they bring.

May we forever and always give thanks for their willingness to be our helpers.
And so it is.
Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Soul Colors Painted
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July 19, 2015
Hi Everyone,
I’ve spent the last several weeks writing, self-publishing and preparing to promote my fourth book: Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how.

It’s available now on Amazon Kindle Books.com and will be on free promotion July 31 to Aug. 4.

I hadn’t planned to write this particular book. The truth is I had decided to stop writing and self-publishing; there is so little money profit in so doing.

Personal Mission
However, part of my mission is to identify, explain and distribute information about easy-to-do, low-cost techniques that help us heal our self.

Intuitive painting, what Paint Your Soul Colors is about, is not easy, nor is it cheap, but doing this type of painting helps us heal and is doable. So, I wrote the book.

Personal Message
After publishing the book, I got a message from the angels that I want to give to everyone: all of us were given the anointing of being the best we can be, but, in order to claim that anointing, we must yield to it.

Yielding means we must do the work—whatever tasks need to be done for the anointing to come forth.

For me, yielding means the work of writing, publishing and promoting. For you, yielding probably means something else.

Let us thank the angels for this information.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
As always, I am so very grateful that I know you exist and that I can come to you for help about anything.

I am equally grateful that you come to me without waiting for me to ask.

I have easy access to information, tools and supplies. I live in an ever-flowing current of abundance and all good. For that I give thanks.

I am grateful for the recent message that explains that the anointing of being the best was given to all and that the key to claiming this anointing is to yield to it.

Yield means we do the work and the actions required to be the best.

I give thanks that I now know this.

I am grateful for the support of the angels in everything I do including yielding.
And so it is.
Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Soul Colors Painted

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Instant Success

March 31, 2015

Hi Everyone,

When the Black Friday sales ads came in November, my reaction was, “Shop? I don’t get it. Who has time to shop?”

The ads went into the trash can, and I went back to how I’ve spent my time for the last year and a half to two years: writing Put Hand to Plow which will be available free on Amazon Kindle starting next Wednesday April 8, 2015 until Sunday April 12, 2015. (key words: put hand to plow Barbara S Lucas)

I tell you this because I know that many of you are either actively bringing forth some type of newness into your life and thus the world, or you are secretly considering doing so.

In our world, it’s easy to get misled by the instant success stories, and then to give up on our idea.

I give thanks for every musician, artist, writer, inventor, business person, entrepreneur, actor and all others who when either print or electronic media or both called them an “instant success” have said, “Oh? It’s only taken 20 years, 54 years, 7 years, to have my “instant success”.

I thank each and every one for their courage to speak the truth about how long it takes. It takes as long as it takes. Beware of those who sell short cuts.

In addition, there is much that isn’t apparent about creating, birthing or bringing forth until one has began the journey of bringing newness into the world.

I felt the support of the angels with word, every step I took in bringing forth Put Hand to Plow. I would not have completed this project without their help.

Let us go to the angels of all of us and give thanks for the support we get with bringing whatever newness we each have been given to bring forth.

Angels of All of Us

It is with joy and thanksgiving that we recognize the work that you do for us. We are thankful for the awareness that you exist and are all around us. We love the glimpses we get of your presence; we love the feel of your wing tips touching our shoulders. Thank you for allowing us to hear your soft, gentle laughter.

We are grateful for the ideas given us, the ideas that give us the solutions to problems of creating plenty of survival essentials such as food and water for everyone everywhere.

We give thanks for the ideas that help us solve the problems of making certain that all humans have the opportunities to possess success markers such as homes and careers.

We are humble that ideas for solving problems of manifesting personal preferences and requirements are given us now.

We sing songs of praise that ideas for solving any difficulties in gaining spiritual gifts such as personal peace and freedom show up now.

Angels of all of us,

We are so grateful that we have solutions, that we have ideas and information, that we have the will and the energy to solve problems and to bring newness into our life and into the world.

Most of all, we give thanks for your encouragement, for the whispers of Spirit to not quit, stop or give up, for the idea placed in our mind that what we are about is needed right here and right now.

We smile when you close our eyes to the finger pointers, close our ears to the criticisms, and feed our spirit so that it remains strong, determined and willing to do what is necessary to bring forth newness.

Angels of all of us,

We give thanks for all that you do for us. We are so very grateful.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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Stay True

Jan. 19, 2014


This week, Jan. 20 to Jan. 24, 2014, my book, Who Are You Really, is available free on Amazon Kindle.  I hope each of you download a copy this week.

Why Get the Book

Throughout history, the people who have done great work are those who have:

  • stayed focused on where they were going
  • stayed faithful to who they were
  • and who stayed firm in what they believed.

Doing the work outlined in this book will help you do all of this by getting you to :

  • name your destination
  • identify who you are
  • and, clarify your beliefs.

It, also, helps to ask the angels for clarity about these same issues.

Ask the Angels

Angels of all of us,

Those of us who seek your protection and guidance know that you, the angels, will help us realize our destinations or the calling of God on our life.  With your help, we know who we are really, and we are clear about what we believe.

Intuitively, we know that God and those who want only the very best for us want us to stay focused.  Loosing focus causes our destruction.

Intuitively, we know that any work is a great work if God calls us to do it.  It doesn’t matter if this work is unrecognized as great by the world, or if the world ignores or downplays this work.  If God calls us to do it, it is a great work.

This is Barbara speaking.  I speak the work for all those who are open and receptive to it.  I speak for all those who seek the truth for it is from the truth that all good comes including health, prosperity, personal peace and success.

The resources, knowledge and support is given us.  We know we are guided and protected. For this we give thanks.



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Your Personal Truth–the Gift of the Season

Dec. 10, 2013


My tree is up; the one I purchased last year when I finally got in the Christmas Spirit after years and years and years of not experiencing even a remote desire to participate in this season that is most holy to practitioners of many faiths. 

Then Newtown happened.  I am an ex-early childhood teacher.  I simply couldn’t open the box, remove the tree parts and put them together.  I grieved.

Not just about Newtown, but, also, that I had been in denial about my personal truth.  Not THE TRUTH but my personal truth, the truth that makes me who I am, the truth that causes me to be healthy, happy, prosperous and wise, the truth that brings me peace and joy.

All of us have a personal truth.  It identifies the simple as well as the complicated things in our life.  For example, a simple truth in my life is that I love real roses, especially those that have a strong rose fragrance.  One of the complications in my life is the truth that I give in to the demands of others too easily and too quickly.

This season I have finally admitted my personal truth of loving the celebration of Christmas–the music, the smells of baking, the shopping, the giving and receiving of gifts, ect.

This season, standing in my personal truth, I have joy.

I didn’t realize until this moment that my newest book, Who Are You Really, was written to help me find my personal truth.  I think it will help you, too.  I will offer it soon as a free download via Amazon Kindle.  I’ll tell you when all that is set up and ready to go.

In the mean time, let’s ask the angels to help us identify and accept our personal truth, the uniqueness that brings us joy.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We know about THE TRUTH, and we know about our personal truth.  Today, our concern is about our personal truth: the qualities and traits that make us who we are; our requirements for happiness and peace; and that which brings us joy.

For most of us, our personal truth remains hidden within our Self.  It can be found hiding in the deepest part of our heart.

We are afraid to allow it to come forth.

Angels of all of us,

Help us to know our personal truth.  Help us to identify it, accept it and cherish it.  Help us to receive its freedom, peace and joy.  Help us to enjoy the happiness and strength that personal truth always gives.

I am Rev. Barbara.  I speak for all those who are open and receptive to this word.  I speak for all those who desire the truth.  It is the truth from which health, prosperity, love and satisfaction flow.

Thank you, angels of all of us.  Thank you for helping us experience the joy of knowing our personal truth.  Thank you for the peace and clarity this knowing brings.


Rev. Barbara

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