Let Go of Toxicity

Feb. 14, 2014


I’ve just listened to a story I constantly hear:

My client desperately seeks acceptance from those who want nothing to do with her.  This person has been tormented by this group for years.  She can’t accept that this group has closed its doors to her, that they enjoy her discomfort and that they purposefully go about the business of making her miserable.

This group is the popular one, the one everyone wants to be part of.  My client can’t see that the members of this group are mean and toxic.  In fact, they are aggressively abusive to not only my client but to many others.

You see, my client can’t stand rejection or aloneness.

One Solution

Even though she’s been advised to find new interests and to participate in new activities; even though it’s been explained to her that by so doing she will find new friends, she still returns to this same story, this same group.  Her actions remind me of an addict’s: they know the substance is harmful, but return to it over and over.

Let us ask the angels to help us let go of toxicity, accept change and do what is best for us.

Ask the Angels

Angels of all of us,

Sometimes, we humans constantly beat our heads against the same door.  We do this even when it’s obvious that our heads are getting hurt.

Help us to recognize that if the door is meant for us, it will open easily and quickly as soon as we knock.

Turn us from doors that are toxic, that bring us harm and that cause us unhappiness.  Lead us to doors that welcome us, that cause us be in touch with those who accept us and that bring the true joy of knowing that we are the beloved of God.

Angels of all of us, this is Barbara.  I speak the word for all of us who are open and receptive to it.  I speak for all who desire the truth, for it is from the truth that health, prosperity, healthy relationships and success comes.

Angels of all of us,

Right here and now, we leave the cliques who torture us, who reject us, who behave aggressively toward us.  We stand tall as our own person, a person blessed by many talents and gifts, a person who is the beloved of God.

We accept our role as creators, organizers and leaders.  We recognize that we are valuable and have no need to beg anyone for acceptance.

We rejoice in who we are.  We give thanks for your support and nurturance.  We are grateful for who we are.

And so it is.






Who We Are Really Spiritually

Jan. 10, 2014


We’ve been discussing how to claim the promise of the 7th year: release from lack and limitation.

For me this means that I dare to walk in my calling, that I dare to be exceptional and that I dare to walk with God.

I’ve had this as a personal goal for many years.  Even though I had a very good idea about my calling, had been practicing my walk with God, and had worked to be above average in all that I did, I wasn’t certain about my calling, about who I was really.

Who Are You Really

I kept affirming that I knew.  Eventually, I wrote Who Are You Really which is a guide to finding out who we are in the secular world.  Even though the book does contain spiritual guidance for each of us to be our own career counselor, it doesn’t contain specifics of who we are really in the spiritual realm.

So, I’m going to tell you.  I state in the book, Who You Are Really, that each of us is the beloved of God.  This is the most important thing in the Universe to know.

Being the beloved of God means that each of us is a unique person created in the likeness of God.  That means that we have the characteristics of God, all of them, every single one.

Who Are We Spiritually

Who are we really spiritually?  We are all the things God is: creative, exceptional, organizers, strong, talented, courageous; we are freedom, health, abundance, increase, power, over-comers, mighty heroes, warriors, winners, and achievers.

We are love, forgiveness, nurturance and peace.  We are amazing.

We are the creation of God.  We have God’s DNA.  We can and do accomplish as God did and does accomplish.

Let us go to the angels for coaching in acting, believing and speaking that we do all that God does.

Ask the Angels  

Angels of all of us,

Constantly remind us that we are the beloved of God.  We are loved by God.  We are the creation of God therefore we have all the power, knowledge and abilities that God has.

We are enabled to bring forth greatness.  We are given everything we need to do this.

This is Rev. Barbara.  I speak for all those who are open and receptive to knowing the truth for it is from the truth that all good comes.

Angels of all of us,

We thank you for your help and support, for your love and your counsel.



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