Money Command


April 2, 2020

Hi Everyone,

For the next series, I will concentrate on sending everyone information and energy on increasing money coming in to us.

Many experts now say that money is as necessary to our well being as is food, water, oxygen and shelter.

We witness the truth of this daily. So let go of any guilt or shame in seeking money.

You are seeking money not to worship it but to use it to take care of you, a holy being,  and yours, holy beings, too.

Repeat often:

“It is normal for my money to increase constantly.

It is normal for money to flow into my life consistently.

The flow of money into my life is normal.

Money flows into my life in a way that feels good.

Money flows into my life in a way that is right for me.”

Saying this often prepares the way for you to decide how much money you need to create, how long it will take to create this amount and what you need to do to bring this creation into daily reality.

So. Let us ask the angels:

Angels of all of us

Angels of all of us,

Let us feel your nearness and your encouragement.  Let us feel your support.

At the moment, we need confirmation that you are real and are helpful.

Many of us have no money income at the moment.

Help us know what we have to do to create money flowing in to our life.

We want to know specifically, in detail, in images, in words what to do–which of our many gifts, talents, skills and experiences should we use to create a new flow of money, money that flows into us instead of out of us.

We are willing to have our talents, gifts, skills, experiences flow out; in the vacuum created by the outflow, we experience an increase of dollars, an inflow of dollars.

We are grateful for this knowledge.

And so it is.


Rev. Barbara


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When Prayer Doesn’t Work part 3 intention

June 27, 2016

Hi Everyone,

What is the Law of Intention? How do we use it to make prayer effective?

Intention is you saying out loud what you prefer, desire, or want. Intention is you making known your decision about something. The Law of Intention states that whatever we intend the Universe will provide or bring forth.

Clear, firmly stated intentions are the key to getting the Universe to work for us.

The Universe Is
Think of the Universe as being this gigantic pile of energy. Imagine that this energy is moving at a very slow pace as it waits for us to tell it what to do. As soon as it receives our orders via our intention statements, this slow moving energy springs into action and creates what we said.

Prayer is one of the methods we use to communicate to this pile of energy we call the Universe.

If prayer isn’t working, perhaps our intentions haven’t been stated, or, if stated, not stated clearly.

Intention Statements
For example, I could say:

  • My intention is to create more money coming into my bank accounts than going out of them.
  • I am grateful that 75 people attend my visioning workshop in December.
  • I feel God’s presence more and more.
  • I am asthma free. I breathe easily and freely.
  • I intend for the book I’m now writing to be available in paper back and on Kindle at the end of November 2016.
  • I intend to always have more than enough money to pay for my lifestyle and five hundred dollars or more left over.

If your prayer hasn’t brought desired results, examine your intention. Make certain that your prayer and you are focused on what is wanted and that you are ignoring what isn’t wanted.

Your Angels
It is always wise when working with the Law of Intention to invite your angels to examine your intentions and then alert you of any actions being done or words being used that are negating your prayer.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara and Ask the Angels

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The Better Intention

Aug. 17. 2015

Hi Everyone,
The call came at 1:30am. I’ve been expecting it. A friend who is 75 is in hospital due to a reaction to medications.

A few weeks ago when this person called to tell me all about his new medications and what they would do for him, he sounded too happy. He kept saying, “I have to go for some tests. In case something happens, I want you prepared.”

It was if he knew he wasn’t going to be with us much longer, and he was relieved and happy about it. He had had enough of this particular life experience and didn’t want to continue.

That times comes for each of us, the time when we have had enough of however we’re living , haven’t the energy or will to make changes and simply decide to leave.

I understand and respect the decision to leave the planet, to pass over, to die. However, there is a more interesting choice: decide to do whatever is necessary to live a long, healthy, happy and satisfying life.

This is, perhaps, a much more difficult decision. It is an intention that can be filled with difficulty and change.

For example, I’ve made the decision to not take medications but, instead, to make lifestyle changes to correct whatever is wrong with my body, mind and spirit.

This hasn’t been easy. What to change isn’t always apparent. Many times, the so-called experts aren’t experts. Certain changes make being with family and friends difficult.

So. I go the angels of all of us. I continuously ask for information and guidance.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

I am grateful for your presence in and around my life. I am grateful for your support and nurturance. I give thanks for the ideas, information, people and energy you send my way.

It is my intention to live a long, healthy, happy and satisfying life. I thank you for the ideas and information you send that supports and empowers me to do that.

I am grateful for the people who show up who have a similar intention. I give thanks for my strong inner voice that encourages me to do what brings forth my intention and that alerts me to avoid what will delay or deny my intention.

I am thankful that my life is filled with what promotes happiness and contentment. I am grateful that I am clear about who I am and what I am to accomplish in this life experience; this alone brings peace and ease.

I am grateful that I know that I have an angelic shield about me protecting me from those that would do me harm. I go forth with courage and willingness to do what must be done to be healthy, happy and content with life and my experience in it. I go forth with clarity, ease, willingness and courage.

Thank you angels of all of us. Thank you for your help. Thank you for standing with me. Thank you for letting me feel your presence, see glimpses of you, so that I know that you are indeed in this experience with me.

And so it is.


Barbara S Lucas, PhD
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Love Is My Nature

Jan. 6, 2015

Hi Everyone,

My Nature Is Love

My Nature Is Love


In December, 2014, I published  a West Virginian folk tale about a rattlesnake’s nature which, according to this story, is to strike and kill. (See Start Over )

Using the traditional story teller method of using a story to get a point across, I wanted people to stop and think about the promises given us. Is it the nature of this person, group, or institution to keep its word? Is its word against its nature?

The rattlesnake can promise from here to Kingdom Come that it will not strike and kill; it’s nature will win out over its word every time. In other words, if the promise is contrary to what the promiser does or has done, don’t believe or trust.

In today’s world, if one takes in print or electronic media data, it’s easy to forget that our true nature is to love. We are love. We came from love, and when we leave this present experience we will return to love.

If we so chose, we can live in love right now in our present experience of life. Let’s go to the angels. Let’s ask that we be supported and nurtured as beings of love, living in love, experiencing love right here and right now.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
It is so good to know you are here with us always. I give thanks that we can feel your presence, that some of us can see you in great detail and that others of us catch occasional glimpses. Seeing you doesn’t matter. What matters is that we see the results of your actions on our behalf in the world. For this we give thanks.

Angels, we know that our true nature is love. Love is our nature. Bring us the ideas, information, energy, people and support to let our love nature be the dominate force in our experience.

Help us to consciously make this choice–to allow love to be our first and only choice–in all our doings.

Angels, we thank you.



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