Birthday Plan

May 5, 2015

Hi Everyone,

May 2, last Saturday, was my 69th birthday. Wow! To have made it this long!

I usually make a list of what I want to achieve in my next year. I haven’t done that yet.  Don’t know why.

I look at the coming year and come up blank.  This is not good. I use this list as a guide, no list, no guide.

It’s time to go to the angels of all of us. I’ve struggled long enough.

Anyone having difficulty choosing goals, come. Join me in asking the angels for help.

Angels of all of us

Angels of all of us,
We are grateful that we know you exist, that you hear us, that you respond to us.

As you know, on each birthday I make a list of what I want to experience in my new year. I usually include travel, health, relationships, education and any changes I’m considering.

I haven’t done this yet for my new year. There’s lots I want to experience. I have plenty of ideas and possibilities. Lack of choices isn’t the problem.  Don’t know what is.

I turn this over to you, the angels of all of us.  Send some enthusiasm my way, please. Add some anticipation of the good, the amazing, the magnificent.

Remove whatever is blocking my planning a fabulous, fantastic, amazing new year.

Guide me to the plan that is perfect for me. Guide all of us who so desire to what is wonderful, awesome and magnificent.

Thank you.  We are grateful for all you do for us.

And so it is.


Barbara Lucas, PhD



New Direction

June 2, 2014


I’ve been feeling exhausted lately and haven’t understood why until now.  It seems that I’ve been trying to live a life style that no longer suits me.

I recognized a while ago that I’m finally healing from the impact of a negative event that occurred about five years ago, but I didn’t realize that this healing meant choosing a new path.

The Old Trail
Instead, I hopped right back on the old trail and the so doing of has left me exhausted.  You see, my mind, body and soul don’t want to travel that way anymore.

Warning Signs
Signs that picking up the reins I dropped five years ago and continuing on that particular path wasn’t working have appeared.  I simply didn’t recognize them for what they were: don’t go this way messages.

For example, I quietly handed my torch named educating the young to teachers who are still active in that field; I admitted that my house is too large for me and consumes too much of my time and energy; I gave away clothing because I don’t want to iron anymore; I purchased a microwave because I don’t want to cook anymore; and, I admitted that driving any distance at all leaves me tired and cranky.

New Direction
A new direction is needed; one that honors who I am really; one that allows me to be, do and have what brings me personal peace; and, one that recognizes that I am the age that I am.

I know that something is up for me because, as I mentioned in a previous blog, I purchased new furniture.  In this five year recovery period, I had a desk and a bed, nothing else.

It’s time to know more about this new path.  It’s time to ask the angels for guidance.

Ask the Angels
Angels of all of us,

We give thanks for the newness and freshness of life.  The renewal and restoration of what has been and what is occurs constantly.  We witness this in the seasons and in plant life all the time. Now, we recognize and honor the rejuvenation and restoration that occurs in our own, individual and unique, life.

We realize that rebirth means choosing a new way and letting completely go of what once was.  That way opens for us now.  We see where to place our steps.  We have a strong sense of where our steps will take us: to being, doing and having what we came to this time to experience.

Angels of all of us,

We know that you are with us, that you are guiding, instructing and revealing what we must know to be, do and have all that was meant for us.

We joyfully accept your presence and all you bring to us.  Thank you.



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