The Right Decision

Dec. 16, 2015

Hi Everyone,

How does one know that the decision is the perfect one for right here and now?

I spent the last several days taking the InnerSpeak Practitioner training. I’ve known about this method of accessing the Soul about what’s troubling us for years.

My personal experience as a client of Jean Adrienne, the channel, teacher and coach of InnerSpeak, proved to me multiple times that this method truly does work.

An inner clearing of the issues and events blocking the experience we desire

does occur.

The Unknown

I took the basic training and did little about offering what I knew to all of you, and then, I entered the unknown. Check out that blog here.

I’ve been saying “yes” to everything that shows up. One of the show-ups was the InnerSpeak Practitioner training.


I acted on faith, but I knew I made the right decision about taking the training because everything flowed including the money to pay for travel, cat sitter, boarding the one cat that has too much energy for his own good and the training itself.

Even though I use a GPS, I got lost several times; always a kind, friendly soul showed up to point the way.

I was concerned about the training and my ability to understand, and, then do the work. I have complete confidence in me and my ability to help others using the InnerSpeak method.

The Answer

You know you’ve made the perfect decision for right here and now when everything flows, when there is joy and satisfaction, and when doubts disappear.

And, of course, when we speak with the angels and experience their support.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We are so very grateful that you and Mother/Father God have made your existence known to us.

We give thanks that you easily bring messages and answers to us. We are thankful that we share this life experience with you.

We humans are constantly in a decision-making mode. Most of the time the decisions are normal ones like what are we going to wear or eat, but, sometimes they are the life-changing ones like deciding to go into the unknown by changing careers or moving.

We seek your guidance in all things, especially when we are thinking about bringing newness into our life experience.

We are grateful for the ideas, information and people you place in our environments. We are thankful for all support and guidance. We cherish your nurturance and protection.

As we decide to leave what is and bring newness into our experience, we are alert to your guidance. We watch for the signs that tell us we are on the correct path for right here and right now.

As we let doubt go, confidence grows. We continue to newness with joy and peace.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD and Ask the Angels Coaching

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July 27, 2015
Hi Everyone,
As I wrote in my Soul Colors Painted blog, opportunity came knocking, I answered, opened the door, and, as a result:

• I will be on Power Talk with Jean Adrienne this coming Thursday, July 30, at 4 p.m. EST. This takes place on
• I wrote and self-published Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how
• And, you have the opportunity to get a free copy of that book starting this coming Friday, July 31, 2015 until Tuesday, Aug. 4 from Amazon

The real opportunity is to learn about two healing techniques:
InnerSpeak Breakthrough Coaching and Therapy Process
• And, the Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how technique. Paint Your Soul Colors to get a clear image of who you are really: unique, fantastic, beautiful, whole and perfect. Once you see this, no one can, ever again, enslave, bully or control you.
Get the book, Paint Your Soul Colors, here’s why, here’s how. Do what it says. Experience radical self-acceptance.

Angels of All of Us Benediction
May the angels of all of us bring us many opportunities. May they clearly guide us on which ones to open to and which ones to let flow past us.

May we forever be aware of our angels and the ideas, information, support and nurturance they bring.

May we forever and always give thanks for their willingness to be our helpers.
And so it is.
Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Soul Colors Painted
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