Heal Terrorism: Go Within

Aug. 1, 2016

Hi Everyone,

How does one heal the anger and fear that results in terrorism? For that matter, how does one heal anger and fear?

I sent a link last week to Jennifer Handley’s class on Heal the Terrorist Within. Jennifer Handley is a Course in Miracles master.

I hope that many of you listened to and gained insight from that class.

Anger Is

It is helpful to know that anger is caused by fear. Fear is usually a result of some past event that we haven’t healed, that still hurts only we have dulled the pain and don’t want the hurt disturbed so it won’t hurt so much. Most of us have hidden this pain deep within us.

For example, you might be angry about a divorce. Underneath the anger might be the fear that your next relationship will end the same way, or fear of rejection and abandonment, or fear of abuse and violence, or fear of being used and taken advantage of. All of this hurts.

In fact, you might be so angry about this that you are doing terrorist acts such as yelling or throwing things or having accidents or ending relationships or getting fired.

You might be so angry that you deeply hurt people, animals and things. Instead of anger, you might be suffering from rage.

As the Course in Miracles teaches: every bit of anger adds to the worlds anger. To subtract or lessen the world’s anger, eliminate your own. This is the greatest thing you can do to end terrorism: recognize and end your own.

Healing Terrorism

You probably didn’t go to a healer or counselor or therapist to get help with dissolving this pain and its many possible causes.  Go now.

You probably didn’t go to your personal self-heal tool bag and use visioning or visualization or story-retelling or intuitive painting or affirmative prayer or affirmations or a burning bowl ceremony or Ho’oponopono-clearing or tapping (emotional freedom technique) . Use these tools now.

You probably didn’t have a long, heart-to-heart talk with your soul and your angels. Do both now.

I repeat: the greatest thing you can do to end terrorism is recognize and end your own practice of it.

Handling Difficulty

Yes. You are correct. This is hard, hard, hard work. There is nothing simple or easy about it.

Constantly talk with and listen to your soul and your angels. Do what they say.

Do help with this, I will spend the next few weeks naming and explaining the tools everyone should have in their personal self-heal tool bag.


Rev. Barbara

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Healing Infection

Sept. 20, 2015

Hi Everyone,
I’ve not felt well for several months now. This past week, the pain increased so I went to a medical doctor.

The doctor listened carefully, had many tests and X-rays done, and then said he knew what was wrong and how to cure it, but he didn’t know the cause.

Since this is my second major infection in the last two years, I think I really need to know the cause.

Louise Hay
Louise Hay says that infections are caused by irritation, anger and annoyance about a recent situation.


Wow! When I pause to consider, my life seems to be filled with those emotions.

So. How do I handle this? How do all of us handle this? All of us have irritations, angers and annoyances right here and now in the present.

Louise Hay says to use this affirmation: I choose to be peaceful and harmonious.

Jennifer Hadley suggests something slightly different.

Jennifer Hadley
Jennifer Hadley is a Course in Miracles teacher who is offering a free class called Stop Wrecking Your Relationships. (http://jenniferhadley.com/)

Since the infections seems to be brought on by relationships, I thought the class might be helpful, or, at the very least, head me in the correct direction to uncover a healing strategy.

In the class, Jennifer states that the way to heal our relationships is to be grateful for divine love and to realize that this love heals us.

She recommends dealing with those who anger, irritate and annoy us by silently telling them, “There is nothing wrong with you. I love you.”

She, also, states that we do our work in the invisible with the invisible.

I agree. Newness (change) always occurs in the invisible before it shows up as a visible so I think I will follow both Louise’s and Jennifer’s recommendations as well as do what I usually do: go to the angels for help.

Ask the Angels
Angels of all of us,

We are so grateful that you exist and have allowed us to know that you are part of our experience.

You mainly stay in the invisible; we mainly stay in the visible. We are thankful for glimpses of you and for our knowing that you are always with us.

Today, we want to work in the invisible. Our intention is to do needed healing work there, and then bring that healing into our physical reality.

You see, all of us are experiencing the emotions of irritation, anger and annoyance about the here and now. These are causing us difficulties.

It is our intention to change these emotions to peace, harmony, acceptance and love. Help us do this, please.

We are willing to allow more of our perfection to come forth. We are willing to allow this newness, this new way of dealing with these difficult emotions, to come forth.

We have courage, and we know how to work with our intuition. For all of this, we give thanks.

Thank you for helping us remember to choose peace and harmony. Help us to silently say to those who irritate us that we know they are perfect just as we ourselves are perfect; that we love them and we love our self.

Angels of all of us,
We are so grateful for your gifts to us: ideas, energy, support, protection and connections to all the good available.

We are grateful for your support and guidance as we adopt the habit and the practice of peace, harmony and acceptance.

And so it is.


Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Soul Colors Painted and Ask the Angels Coach



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