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The Right Move

June 2, 2015

Hi everyone,
My little feral rescue cat, Layla, carried a live snake into the house yesterday. No more open back door!

As I was running out the front door, she dropped the snake at the bottom of the stair. I left the door open.

Turns out, this was the correct thing to do. As I stood out on the street wondering how to get help to get the snake out of my house, the snake crawled to the front door, dropped onto the porch and eventually went into one of my side gardens.

I don’t know if the snake was following my vibration, or simply moving toward light and air, or moving away from a cat with very sharp claws and sharper teeth. Nor do I care.

Right Knowing
I am grateful that it is out of my house, that my cat didn’t harm it, nor did it harm my cat.

I am even more grateful that I somehow knew the right action to take to solve the problem.

This is knowledge that all of us need. This kind of instant right knowing can be put to good use in many situations and circumstances.

So let’s ask the angels for this kind of help.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
We are so very grateful that you angels are part of our life, that you don’t live separate from us but mingle with us.

We are thankful that you have an understanding of who we are, what our world is like and what we require.

We give thanks for your messages of hope and encouragement. We are delighted when we see glimpses of you and when we feel your touch.
Angels of all of us,
As you know, we humans often find ourselves in situations where we have mini seconds to make a decision and take action.

When these events happen, we request that you provide the lightening-fast
guidance you’re famous for. We give thanks that we are quickly guided to the right decision.

It’s at these times, that we go on auto-pilot and do what comes to us to do.

We give thanks that from this point on, you will intervene and direct us to do what is the highest and best for all involved in any situation.

Thank you, angels of all of us.

And so it is.
Barbara S Lucas, PhD
Start Over Consultant and Ask the Angels Coach


As you know, I’m back into Start Over. Sigh.
Join me for insights and how-to’s.



Mission Statements

June 22, 2014


An amazing thing happened this week: I re wrote my personal mission statement; change showed up immediately; and I’m amazed at the speed.

The Call That Changed My Mission
The caller was stating all the reasons she couldn’t do what the social worker was asking of her. As she spoke, stories of people who’ve been through hell and back floated through my mind.

Very little was being asked of this woman, yet she refused to even consider ways to meet these requests.

That evening, I asked God what I was doing to attract such calls: calls that didn’t allow me to fulfill my calling of providing information and guidance to those who are starting over after adversity strikes.

It seems I was confused about who I am to serve.

It seems that my people are doers, achievers and learners. They do what is asked of them and more. They understand and live by the Law of Compensation: what you give is what you get; what you withhold is withheld from you.

My people know that they have been successful and will be so again. What they are going through now is just a minor bump in the road.

They call me for the information and guidance needed to get through this road bump.

Instant Acceptance
As I received this message, I accepted it immediately. I knew I was hearing truth.

All of my calls since then have been from people who seek wisdom and guidance and who don’t argue or fuss. When the call ends, I feel the caller’s peace.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to gain clarity about our mission, who we are to serve and the form that service is to take; perhaps it’s time that all of us help those we serve gain peace, and then, feel that peace within our Self.

It’s time to ask the angels for clarity of mission and who we are to serve.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

We are grateful for all we have, and all we be and do. We give thanks that we are clear about our gifts and talents. We can name each one. We accept these gifts and talents.

We recognize that each of us is a genius in at least one area. We recognize that we are experts and masters of our gifts.  We give thanks for this recognition and this mastery.

This knowledge of Self has brought us much peace; for that we give thanks.

Now we asked that we be given additional information: who are we to serve and how. We give thanks for this information.

We are grateful for the clarity this knowledge brings. We accept the change this knowledge might bring.

And so it is.



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