The New Normal: step 1

July 7, 2020

Hi Everyone,

The message is that we are to  create a new normal, one that works for us as individuals. We cannot return to the past normal; that normal is gone.

Normal means “the usual, the expected, the typical”.


Creating a new normal begins with a decision: what do you want to be usual, typical, expected in your life?

Center on you and your life; not your family, community or the world.


Ask: what do I want to be usual, expected, typical in my life.

For example, my new normal is always having a large, beautiful, bountiful garden filled with fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Your new normal might not include this; it is my new normal.

Ask the Angels

So ask the angels to guide you to select at least one new normal for your life.

Start with this one decision.

Write it down. Draw it. Find pictures of this new normal.

Add a piece of red thread to your work.

Once this is done, observe what happens.


Rev. Barbara

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Do this on New Year’s Eve

Dec. 31, 2019

Hi Everyone,

It’s time to decide what’s to be for 2020. Making a vision board is the best way to do this.  Use pictures and words. Use lots of color, lots of shapes, lots of symbols.

Vision boards are a perfect way to tell angels, Spirit and our own self what we see for 2020 or any occasion.

Remember: we either choose or it will be chosen for us.

Let us use our power and authority to do the choosing.

Angels of All of Us


We are grateful for your

Guidance in choosing a 2020 filled with community, celebration and possibilities.

Guide us to the choices that are the correct ones for us, to the vision that brings us wellness, community, celebration and possibilities for growth.

We are grateful for the blessing of your support and encouragement.

We are grateful for a life filled with wellness, wholeness and joy.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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April 12, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Most of you know that I teach for VIPKid, a Chinese company. I teach young Chinese children English via the Internet.

One of my eleven-year-old, male students, when asked what he would invent if he could invent anything, said that he would invent a food machine that gave food to everyone so that there would be no hunger.

The look in his eyes and on his face told me that he spoke from the heart.

His answer gave me hope and restored my faith.

And. Yes. His English is excellent.

So. Today I go to the angels. I give thanks for this student, for his answer and for all the people everywhere who are quietly working to solve the problems on our planet.

I give thanks for those who let go of what has been and look to a future where problems are solved instead of carried into the next generation.

I say to the angels: give me the pictures and the words for joy and happiness. Allow joy and happiness to flood my entire life. I asked this because it is from joy and happiness that problems are solved.’

It is the pictures our mind sees; it is the words our mind hears; it is the joy and happiness that our mind feels; that allows for change, that allow us to let go of what has been.

I give thanks for angels, for students, for solution.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara



The Law of Control

Jan. 21, 2019

Hi Everyone,

Most of us want control, especially today when life seems so out-of-control. The Law of Control states that the only thing we can control is our own thinking, the pictures we take in, the pictures we form with our words and the words we speak about our self.

We cannot control the army, the media, our leaders or other people or the weather.

We control what we let into our mind, the mind we were given that depends on the pictures we view, the words we hear and the words we speak to know what to do.

This is not an easy task. So much comes at us that is negative or bad or wrong or an outright lie. We absolutely have to have the help of the angels.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

It is new and different thinking for most of us that we were given the responsibility to program our own mind and that we were given choice.

It is new and different thinking for most of us that we can choose to be healthy, wealthy, in fabulous relationships and to be content with career/work.

It is radically new and different for most of us to know that everything begins with our thinking. We have to have a mindset for abundance, health, love and success before we can achieve any of this.

Because this kind of knowing is so new and so strange, we ask for your help and know that it is already given.

We ask for pictures, word pictures and words that tell our mind that we are strong, beautiful, healthy and are filled with vim, vigor and energy.

We ask for pictures, word pictures and words that tell our mind that we have more than enough of all good, that we have enough to share and some to store, that everything is continuously replenished, that we are abundant in every area of our life.

We ask for pictures, word pictures and words that tell our mind that we are loveable, that we are deserving and worthy of love, that we are kind and generous and caring.

We ask for pictures, word pictures and words that tell our mind that we easily name our gifts and our talents, that we make these into an offering that is wanted by the world, that we give our offering to the world and it gives back to us.

We give thanks that all of this is so.

We go forth thinking thoughts that bring us abundance in every area of our life.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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Rose’s Call-to-Action

March 9, 2015

Hi Everyone,
As you know, one of the angels who works with me, Rose, good tidings angel, gave a call-to-action on my Ask the Angels Coaching page on Face Book.  The call came last Thursday, March 5, 2015.

Rose reminded us that humans were given the ability to create whatever they can image.  She then gave the call: “Let each human spend 10 minutes daily imagining prosperity, health, joy, freedom, peace, harmony, acceptance and contentment for self and for all others.”

 This is a very tall order and a doable one.

Survival Needs
I suggest we start by imagining—forming pictures in our minds—that all of us have more than enough of the basic requirements for survival. These are the same for all humans:

  • Our minds require safety and stability
  • Our spirits require beauty and human interactions
  • Our bodies require oxygen, food, water and shelter.

Pictures, the universal language
Recall that pictures are the universal language. Everyone can speak in pictures. So picture or image that you, your family, your friends and your circles of influence (whatever groups you participate in) have these basic requirements of life in great abundance so that there is much left over to store and to share.

Spend 10 minutes a day imagining everyone having more than enough healthy, nourishing foods; clean, safe water; beautiful, roomy, well-designed and well-built shelters and clean air. See each of these persons living in safe, economically and politically stable environments. See them interacting with other humans in healthy, safe ways and see them surrounded by beauty.

For this 10 minutes, practice the Law of Congruency. Allow no thoughts or feelings that oppose these images to distract you.

If you want, make a vision board for this action. And, of course, we ask the angels for help.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

We are grateful that you let us know that you are here with us. We feel your presence. Sometimes, we get glimpse of you and we thank you. It is so reassuring when this happens.

Angels of all of us,
As you know, Rose, glad tidings angel, gave a call-to-action last Thursday. We want to respond to that call.

It was nice to be reminded of our ability to create whatever we imagine. Remind us of this often so that our images are of what we really want: personal peace, freedom, health, joy, healthy relationships, satisfaction and contentment.

Help us to image these qualities for our self, our families, our friends and our communities. Help us to extend these images so that all humans are included.

We rejoice in this possibility. We see this as true and doable. We see the results of this imaging manifesting into physical reality for all right here and right now.

For this, we give thanks.

And so it is.


Barbara S Lucas, PhD
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