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Silent No More

Jan. 3, 2017

Hi Everyone,

It wasn’t the words so much that alarmed me as it was the look of pure adoration and worship that were revealed as the speaker said that “now that a business man, a successful business man at that, was in charge that the ‘swamp in Washington would be drained’ and wasn’t that a good thing?”

It is tradition in the United States that ministers don’t give political comments. Instead, I try to give information such as my blog about charismatic leaders written Nov. 9, 2016 that might help people see what they haven’t before.

The words that are the cause of me going against this tradition were spoken to me at church a Sunday or two ago. I was nice. I didn’t say what I’m about to say to you. My words would have fallen on death ears. However, I can be silent no more.

Please recall that even Jesus lost his temper and called out the merchant who was using false weights.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a former employee of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I took the Oath of Office that says “I will defend and protect the Constitution of these United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Like 98.9 % of federal employees who take that oath, it is a guiding principle of my life. It is as strong an influence as the oath I took when I accepted the mantle of minister and the mantle of teacher.

Right Thing

When the speaker about the ‘swamp in Washington’ spoke, I wondered if this person realized that most of that swamp wouldn’t be needed if business people did the right thing.

A certain food processing plant here in Georgia didn’t do the right thing; didn’t keep its plant safe and clean; and, when a certain food was found to be unsafe, sold it anyway. Several persons died and many more became very ill.

If the owners of this plant had done the right thing, none of this would have happened.  I do not know why federal and state inspectors didn’t put a stop to this before bad things happened, but, I can only imagine that if federal and state inspectors didn’t exist, how many more business owners would do the same thing and get away with it.

My mother’s mother had three husbands. All three were killed in the coal mines. They lived before there were strong labor unions, the kind that were recently destroyed by business and political leaders. They died because business mine owners didn’t do the right thing until they were forced to do so by labor unions who forced the government to give power to mine inspectors.

So, when this swamp is drained, how soon do you think it will be before this country has horrible mine accidents again? Oh, I forgot. Mining work is now mostly done by robots and computers, so, of course, mine accidents won’t matter.

There is a certain seller of chicken who carefully packs underneath the chicken extra fat and skin. The buyer doesn’t realize until the product is opened at home that the buyer didn’t get the full measure of chicken. This seller isn’t doing the right thing and is getting away with this type of dishonesty. How many other business people would do likewise if they knew that no one would stop them?

And the list goes on.

Please don’t email me about privatization, that inspectors hired by private contractors would do the work now done by federal and state inspectors. Oh really? Just how soon would these inspectors become the show pieces of business people who won’t do the right thing unless they are forced?

Ask the Angels

I ask the angels and the Power for Good to remove from my eyes, and anyone who so desires, anything that prevents me from seeing what is really going on.

I ask the angels and the Power for Good to make me, and anyone who so desires, aware when I admire that which doesn’t deserve admiration.

Make me aware when I admire hoarders, especially hoarders of money. At the moment, hoarders of money appear to be the cause of much harm so let me be aware of them and know them by their proper name.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Ask the Angels

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Hearing the Voice

Feb. 16, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Where can we go to hear the voice of Mother/Father God? Where can we go listen and know that what we hear is specifically meant for us?

We go to the inner us.

This is where Mother/Father God dwells. On the inside of us is where Mother/Father God speaks specifically to us and to our situation.

This is where faith blooms and hope ignites.

Get to the Inside
We get to the inside by turning from the outer and all of its distractions. Distractions include conversations, reading materials, electronic devices and other day-to-day activities.

We, also, turn from our emotions and thoughts¸ especially the feelings of fear and dread.

No. Not easy.

Entering the Quiet
Mediation in all its forms—walking meditation, yoga, tai-chi—all help us become still.

However, the best way to become quiet is to simply do that: become quiet, and then, ask to hear.

Don’t expect messages to come automatically; ask to hear.

As you’ve probably guessed, I like to ask the angels of all of us.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

We are so very grateful that we can go to you and ask.

It is with great thanksgiving that we open to being with you and to knowing that all we have to do is ask.

So, today we ask that we clearly receive the messages that Mother/Father God and you, the angels, have for us.

We ask that we be given the ability to understand what is said.

We know that we are constantly being given information, ideas, energy and support.

We know that we are protected. We know that no weapon formed against us can survive.

Most of all, we know there is a Power for Good in the Universe and that by asking we set this power into use.

We know that we were given the ability to use this Power for Good so that good flows in, as and through us; so that we live in the overflow of all good; and, so that everything in our world is good.

This knowing fills us with great joy and with peace.

We go forth with confidence knowing that because we ask, we receive and knowing that all is well and will continue to be so.

And so it is.

In the spirit of my Christmas Challenge—silently greet everyone you meet with:

You are perfect just the way you are, and I love you.

Rev. Barbara

Barbara S Lucas, PhD and Ask the Angels Coaching

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Ending Overwhelm

Feb. 2, 2016

Hi Everyone,

What to do when one’s plate is heaped up and overflowing? What to do when there’s too much to do? What to do when overwhelm is one’s state of being?

Each day I hear from people for whom the last economic recession isn’t over.

Yes. I read and hear the same economic reports that all of you do. You know, those reports that say the unemployment rate is now under 5% and that inflation is low and how everything financial is just great.

That isn’t the story I hear from people who email or who have a coaching session with me.


I’m so concerned about the economic condition of working class people—that’s my tribe— and especially women—the sub group of my tribe—that I enrolled in a training about money.

My goal is to learn more than what I know now—more practical, useful-by-working-class-people-information—so that I can be more helpful and actually get to the root of the lack of money flow in an individual’s life.

Facing Reality

I didn’t realize that this training would be like getting my doctorate—lots and lots of study, homework and practice on top of the responsibilities I already have.

I feel overwhelmed. Really overwhelmed. Even though, I’ve only been in class for about a week, and I have new insights and solutions that, of course, I will tell you about, the feeling is one of overwhelm.

And, of course, there is only one thing to do: face the reality of what’s going on, admit to what one is feeling, go to the Angels of all of us, and then, listen very closely to what comes forth. And, of course, following through with the ideas, information, energy and support that is given is critical.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

Wow! It is so great to know that you are here, that we are in your presence and that your purpose is to help, instruct, inform, nurture and protect us and all life.

We give thanks to Mother/Father God that you exist and work with us.

We give thanks that we know there is a Power for Good in the Universe and everyone can use it.

We give thanks that we finally understand the importance of recognizing both the female and male aspect of this Power for Good so that the Universe is in balance and in harmony.

We give thanks that we know we are part of Mother/Father God and part of all there is.

So today, we breathe into this Presence that is all around us and that flows in, as and through us. We breathe in the calming breath that tells us all is well and will continue to be so.

We honor our overwhelm because it is part of us and part of the Universe. We recognize it for what it is: a signal that there is letting go to do, organizing to do, and scheduling to do so that this newness can come into our life and do its good and perfect work.

We breathe in and breathe out. As we do so, we let in the knowing that we can do this new thing. We will simply do as we have done in the past: go step by step, piece by piece, bit by bit toward our goal.

We know that this newness that appears to be the cause of our overwhelm is part of the Divine plan for our life or it would never have appeared as one of our choices.

Therefore, we go forth knowing that we can handle all things, that Mother/Father God is for us, that the angels support and direct us. We go forth knowing that the goal is ours.

We reach it and celebrate victory.

And so it is.

In honor of my Christmas challenge:

You are perfect just the way you are, and I love you.

Rev. Barbara

Barbara S Lucas, PhD


I’ve already gotten a message: do a Burning Bowl Ceremony this weekend. Wow! You’d think I would have thought of that all by myself! and Ask the Angels Coaching

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