Work Worsens

Jan. 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,

About a year or so ago, about the time of the U.S. government shutdown, a group of American federal (government) employees came to me for help.

These are not the folks in Washington, D.C. who earn well over $100,000 a year, but folks earning less than $50,000 a year with families to support.

The loss of income was creating havoc so we asked the angels for help in increasing income.

When the shutdown ended and certain government employees were given their lost wages, the group thought their work troubles were over. They returned yesterday.

Work Worsens
It seems that work has gotten worse. Their stress has multiplied many times. Their quotas—how much they are to get done in an hour—have increased. Their managers and bosses—never pleasant people before—have gotten meaner and nastier. This seems to be the result of recent budget cuts by the Congress; however, none in the group were certain of the cause.

Heart-felt Desires
After much discussion—this took most of Monday—the group decided on three heart-felt desires:

  1. To survive this present circumstance physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and strong
  2. To be kind, compassionate and empathic to all involved in this situation including bosses and managers
  3. And, to have work that brings joy, satisfaction, recognition and the money amounts each prefers.

Yes. A tall order. One that most certainly will take the help of the angels. Let’s ask them now.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,
We are grateful for your presence. We give thanks for your support and nurturance. Today, we ask for guidance.

Angels of all of us,
We know you are always near and that you know the circumstances and situations of our life. We need not repeat the details. You know them. You witnessed them. You are aware of what is happening in our work life.

We ask for guidance about how to survive and relieve this situation. We ask that you remind us of all the actions we must to do rid ourselves of stress and the ugly thoughts and reactions that occur when humans are overworked and under compensated.  We thank you for these reminders and encouragements.

We ask for support in being kind and compassionate to those who are causing the stressful situations and to all those who are involved in this experience. Help us to respond correctly but pleasantly. Help us to put out the fires instead of expanding them. Help us be the clean, clear waters of peace.

We ask for help in finding work that brings us joy, satisfaction, recognition and the money amounts we prefer. Most of us don’t want to leave our present employer. However, we recognize that this might be necessary. Guide us to the right work environment and work for us. Help us to make good decisions. Help us to let go with ease, doing the least harm possible.

We thank you for helping us meet this challenge and to have serenity. That is, we recognize what we can and cannot change; we do what is necessary for us to be in the flow of love.

And so it is.



Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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Dec 10, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I used to envy those who appear to have only one talent or gift. I don’t anymore. Now I recognize that all of us are gifted with an abundance of strengths.  However, as humans we may not always recognize or appreciate our unique set of abilities, or our unique set of preferences and requirements. We have a tendency to hide anything that makes us standout from the crowd.

Sometimes we hide for security reasons. It’s safer to blend in. Sometimes, we go with the norm because it’s easier, less demanding and less energy-consuming. Sometimes, we simply don’t know what else to do, what other choice to make.

Curse of Sameness
We seem to suffer from the Curse of Sameness. We live in the same type of housing, wear the same type of clothing and eat the same type of food. We think similar thoughts and do similar activities.

There is nothing wrong with being, doing and having the same as everyone else as long as it doesn’t stifle our growth and unfoldment, and as long as we do what is true and good when the crowd may dictate another behavior.

Something Happened
Something happened in our world between the Viet Nam War and 9/11 that turned us from a people who tolerated and encouraged differences to a people who want everything and everyone to fit in certain pre-chosen molds.

I don’t know what the event was. I think it has something to do with the demand for efficiency. Efficiency is more easily achieved if all the houses, cars, clothes, tools, furniture, etc. are the same or nearly the same. This includes people. It’s easier to produce items when the people expected to purchase these items are the same or nearly the same.

In the name of efficiency, a system of quotas or demands were placed on all workers.  Sometimes the demands aren’t called quotas. Terms like “the funded rate” or “time utilization” are used instead of quota.

With the quotas came threats and punishments. No matter the term used, workers, no matter how high up the food chain they go, know they better produce or else. An example of this is the Atlanta Public School System trial, Atlanta, Georgia.

Teachers and administrators are on trial for supposedly changing student answer’s on tests. The reason given for doing such a thing is they were told that student test scores had to rise and quickly or they would be without paid employment.

Perhaps the Gulf Oil Crisis could have been prevented if the workers hadn’t been so focused on meeting their oil production schedule for the week.

I wonder how much of the CIA torture actions reported yesterday, Dec. 9, 2014 have to do with unrealistic, unreachable goals placed on CIA workers.

I very much want to understand the thinking that says “obtain this or else” and instructs us to desert good work practices and core values in order to do so.

In my life, I am experiencing overwhelm because of my self-imposed deadline to have my next book, The Creative Process Works, available on Amazon Kindle by Dec. 31, 2014.  Although much of the book is written, there is no way I’m going to meet that deadline.

It is a relief to admit that. Perhaps its time for workers to say “Enough of unfair, unrealistic quotas. Enough from efficiency experts and their narrow view of work, the work place and its products. Enough of having to do more and more, faster and faster. Enough of viewing all humans, environments and circumstances as being the same.”

Workers don’t dare do this. Even if we are blessed with a union, most unions are weak and ineffective. There is only one thing to do: Go to the angels.

Angels of all of us
Angels of all of us,

We are the workers of this planet.  Some of us are bosses, most of us are grunts: we do the actual work. We realize that something is wrong on our planet.

We think it has to do with unrealistic demands and expectations. We think it has to do with the belief that we are all the same when we aren’t.

Each of us has many talents, gifts, skills and abilities, but each of us has a unique grouping of these. Each of us has different preferences and requirements for living life well.

We don’t know for certain what the problem is or its solution, but you angels know. We are asking to know, and we are asking to know how to solve the true problem, the cause of being ordered to do the impossible, the unrealistic and to do so quickly.

Yes, it’s possible to rise test scores, but not quickly and not going from zero to sixty in 60 seconds or less.  There are many ways to uncover information; torture isn’t one of them.  Sometimes, the wisest thing an energy company can do is find alternative products instead of feeding the world’s appetite for what it produces.

We are asking for clear, understandable, doable ideas and information that will help us resist doing what we know is wrong just so we have paid employment or receive high praise or other forms of recognition.

We are asking for the energy and strength to know, really know, our core values and to always honor those values.

We are asking that if our core values aren’t the good and the true, that they be changed to values that are good and are true.

Angels of all us,
we are grateful that you are with us and that we can feel your presence.  We give thanks for your assistance in solving this circumstance. We give thanks for ideas, information, energy, support and nurturance.

Thank you and so it is.

Peace to all,


Barbara S Lucas
author, teacher and guide

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