Releasing Anger

Sept. 14, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Sunday, Sept. 6, 2015 I spoke at the Center for Spiritual Living West Georgia.

I spoke about using the Soul Colors Painted technique to rid ourselves of anger.

Listening to Bobby Schuler resulted in this topic.

Hidden Anger
Bobby Schuler, the pastor of Shepherd’s Grove in California and grandson of Robert Schuler, the founder of the Crystal Cathedral, told his congregation that all of us need to stop being Mr. or Mrs. Goody-two Shoes and admit that we have hidden anger.

He explained that it is this hidden anger that causes us to over-react when someone does something like push ahead of us in line, or cut us off while driving. Some of us don’t merely over-react, we explode.

I realized that Bobby Schuler has identified a real problem: in this modern day with all of our modern gadgets, we are constantly exposed to and can experience anger; there is no getting away from it.

So, learning how to deal with it instead of stuffing, or hiding, or ignoring our anger is critical.

Soul Colors Painted
One way to deal with the anger we’re holding onto, or might not be aware that we have, is to use intuitive painting techniques. I describe this method on my website Barbara S and in my book Paint Your Soul Colors.

Go to my web site Barbara S and view the paintings of those who painted their soul colors and those who painted situations in their life so that emotions can be released and situations improved.

We can, also, go to the angels and ask for their help.

Angels of All of Us
Angels of all of us,

We are indeed grateful that we know that you exist and that you bring us information, ideas, energy, support and protection.

You help us live this life in an uplifting, positive manner and we are grateful.

Today, we ask for help in dealing with our anger. We admit that we get angry and that we don’t know what to do with this emotion.

We know from our listening to ministers like Bobby Schuler, counselors and therapists that pretending our anger doesn’t exist, stuffing it, covering it up and hiding from it create problems. Sometimes these problems result in us doing really harmful things to our self and to others.

So, today we come to you willing to do what is necessary to handle our anger in safe, doable ways. We know that it’s okay to get angry; it’s just not okay to let it smolder and grow. It’s not okay to deal with it in ways that harm our self or others. So help.

We are open to your guidance.

Thank you.

And so it is.


Barbara S Lucas, PhD
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Cosmic 2 x 4

June 10, 2014


I received a call from someone who said she was at the end of her rope, and then proceeded to list all the wounds that had and were appearing in her life. They were the usual: unemployment, loss of possessions and illness.

Robert Schuller
The first words out of my mouth were: “Remember what Robert Schuller, the founding pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, said, “At the end of your rope? Grab another rope!”

She laughed and said she would remember that.

Cosmic Two by Four
I went on to explain that she was being hit by the cosmic two by four. The Cosmic two by four concept is explained by Rita Louise in her book Avoiding the Cosmic 2 x 4.  

The cosmic two by four attacks when we haven’t heard or refuse to take action on directives sent by the Universe (God).

Silence and Listening
We need to be silent and in stillness for at least some part of each day so that we can hear what is being said to us on the inside where God dwells. We need to listen for this voice.

One can always ask that this inside voice be stronger, clearer and easier to understand. In fact, a good affirmation to repeat several times a day is, “I hear my strong, clear, understandable inner voice. I easily know what it is saying to me.”

Ask the Angels
We can, also, ask the angels for help.

Angels of all of us,

We realize that God, you, and others in the spiritual realm communicate with us. We don’t always hear these messages. Sometimes, when we hear, we don’t understand, and, sometimes, we hear and understand but are afraid to obey.

We ask that we only hear the messages from God, you angels, the ascended masters and teachers and those who have are best interest in mind. We ask that we only hear and be in the presence of those who truly want the very best for us.

Help us let all others go past us without troubling us or invading our space.

We ask that our inner voice be made strong, clear, powerful and understandable. We ask that this voice speak in our primary language so that there is no guessing but instant knowing.

We ask that when we receive these messages that we, also, receive the peace that comes from being with those who desire the best for us and that we receive the peace that comes from knowing that all is well and will continue to be so.

Angels of all of us,

We are grateful for your help and guidance. We give thanks that we know God dwells within and is with us in all times and in all places. We give thanks that we have a strong, powerful inner voice that guides us in all that we do and gives us needed information constantly.

We give thanks that we can hear this voice and have instant recognition that what we hear is from those in the spiritual realm who want the very best for us.

And so it is.



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