March 26, 2018

Hi Everyone,

Last week, I did a prayer for the best outcome for a meeting I had to attend. The appearance of things is that the meeting was disaster, a total failure.

I have to remind myself that appearances are often deceiving.

Just because the out come of the meeting appears to be bad, really bad, doesn’t mean that this is so. So I’m asking to know the truth about what happened and to know what I should do.

My first reaction is to leave this organization; it might be that Spirit has something different in mind. So. I ask.

Spiritual Mind Treatment

I know that Spirit is all powerful, all knowing, all giving and forgiving and everywhere present.

I know that Spirit is everywhere; that it flows in me, as me, through me and all life. I know that it fills this space and all spaces; that it is in and about everything and everyone; that I can go nowhere without Spirit going with me and staying with me.

I know that I am connected to Spirit and Spirit is connected to me; that a two-way conversation is ongoing between the two of us and between us and all life.

I know that there are no barriers, no walls, no division; there are only bridges and is only unity and harmony.

Therefore, I see with the eyes of Spirit. I see beyond appearances. I hear with the ears of Spirit. I hear beyond mere words and gestures and facial expressions.

I know the truth of the meeting I attended. I know the truth of the discord. I accept this truth.

I know what I am to do. I know and give thanks for my many talents, gifts, skills, and experiences. I give thanks for my training and education. I give thanks for the information and knowledge I possess.

I give thanks that I am well prepared for taking appropriate action following this meeting. I know what to do.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, blocks my knowing or my taking action. I return to the very first time anything that blocks my knowing and my doing entered my energy field and delete it. I fill the vacuum created by this deletion with the thinking, believing, feeling, knowing, patterns, habits and actions that bring forth all good; that bring forth harmony and peace; that brings forth right action and right thinking.

I speak, think, feel and do the positive. I give thanks for this. I give thanks for right doing. I give thanks for right thinking, right believing and right feeling.

I release this word into the mind of Spirit and into the action of Universal Law.

And so it is.




Don’t Open the Door

May 11, 2016

Hi Everyone,

Is it possible that we are the ones who let evil into our life? Is it possible that we often not only open the door, but hold it wide open, inviting evil to enter?

On one of the last calls I answered for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a taxpayer asked if the IRS still took paper tax returns. She explained that she refused to use the electronic method of filing a tax return because electronics seem to make it easier for evil people to get into a person’s financial life and do all kinds of bad things.

The taxpayer said, “If I don’t open the door, evil can’t come in.”

What wisdom!

Evil in the mail
A few days before I took this call, someone explained that we let evil into our life when we answered the mail that comes to our homes and businesses requesting money. The purpose of the money doesn’t matter; most of us have no way of checking the legitimacy of these requests, nor do we know how much of our financial gift actually goes toward its stated purpose and how much goes into the overflowing pockets of the organizers of the mail requests for money.

I no longer open such requests; every letter goes straight into the trash.

If I don’t respond to the letter, evil dies.

Evil via phone and internet
Most of us have wised up to requests for money via the telephone and the internet. I hang up on telephone requests and delete emails requesting money.

I even deleted the requests the email-hacker-of-my-main-email-account made to me to send money to me.

If I refuse to listen, refuse to respond, if I close the door, evil can’t survive. Evil has to have an audience. Evil feeds off of our response. No response, no food, evil dies.

Evil via others
Perhaps the greatest way we let evil in is when we allow the words of others to pull us down, to control and manipulate us.

Most of us tell the truth and do the right thing so consistently that we forget that others may not.

We hear others brag about how they do or did such and such, and we wonder how they got away with whatever they said or did. Worse, we question our own way of doing and acting; we think they are right and we are wrong.

This is especially true when we see bad behavior being rewarded.

If I know who I am–a spiritual being created in the image of God with the same qualities of goodness and greatness as Mother/Father God has–, and I stay true to who I am, then I don’t respond to evil; I don’t feed it; I not in its audience; I don’t open the door to it and it will die.

Evil has to have an audience.

Ask the Angels
I do not always recognize evil when it appears. It knows exactly how to appear and what to say to gain entrance into my life, and into yours, too. No one is safe; to think otherwise is to welcome evil in.

What I do know is to Ask the Angels of All of Us to teach us how to instantly sense evil, and then to teach us how to send evil back to the nothingness from which it came.

I make this request now.

I know that as I speak these words, it is done. From this moment on, I instantly sense the presence of evil and I instantly send it back to the nothingness from which it came to be transformed into something useful and good.

And so it is.

Rev. Barbara

Barbara S Lucas, PhD

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Master of Truth Recognition, part 2

July 30, 2014


The best Masters of Truth Recognition are those who know and love themSelves.

Remember to capitalize “Self”; you are a creation of God, endowed with all the qualities and characteristics of your Creator plus a special gifting of talents, abilities and skills.

It’s this special gifting that people tend to ignore, or worse, never identify.

Who Are You Really

I wrote Who Are You Really because, at one time, I couldn’t identify my special gifting. I couldn’t say:

“The themes (constant appearing patterns) in my life are peace maker (diplomat), problem solver and knowledge acquirer.

My overriding interests are spiritual development and nature.

My greatest talent (genius) is the ability to explain what is, so that others gain understanding and appreciation of what is.

I seek (my soul desires) learning, gratitude, honesty, beauty, excellence and newness (creativity).

I function best in environments that are quiet, orderly, beautiful, and ones that allow independence and relief from micro and macro management.”

Knowing this has brought me personal peace and courage. I know who I am, and I know my purpose


My particular bundle of talents, skills and abilities help me complete the tasks I was sent here to do.

Knowledge of Self has strengthen my inner core. I now stand firm and can’t easily be persuaded to abandon who I am and what I am about.

As I listen to leaders, I ask two question, “Are they telling the truth?” and “Does what they want done help me accomplish my purpose?”


You can have this same personal peace and inner strength.

Do the work outlined in my book Who Are You Really. Identify your unique gifting of talents, skills and abilities.

Knowing this will help you be a Master of Truth Recognition and turn from seducers, charmers, liars, manipulators and controllers.

Yes. Guidance is needed. Let us ask the angels for help.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

We give thanks that you angels, God, the ascended masters and the master teachers are willing to help us live the best life possible.

We give thanks that we are the Creations of God and are endowed with all the qualities and characteristics of the Creator.

Therefore, we know that we are creators and organizers, powerful and wise, healthy and strong, and are givers of our unique bundle of talents, skills and abilities.

Our special gifting helps us more easily identify and fulfill our mission for this particular life experience.

We give thanks that this is so.


We give thanks that you are with us, helping us do the work of identifying our gifting, naming each one, accepting, strengthening and developing each one.

We are grateful that as we know and accept the truth about our uniqueness, we more easily recognize others truth tellers; and thus, we make good decisions about who and what to follow.

And so it is.



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Masters of Truth Recognition, part 1

July 20, 2014


Masters of Truth Recognition easily identify lies, seductions and manipulations. They know who speaks truth and who doesn’t. They sense those who want our support in order to bring forth the greater good and those who want to line their own pockets with gold.

The first step in becoming a Master of Truth Recognition is changing the belief, thought and expression “I am a child of God” to “I am a creation of God”.

Child means that one is 14 or younger and is acquiring a foundation on which to place wisdom, strength and skills.

However, we aren’t children. We aren’t weak, small or lacking in any good thing.

Creations of God
We are creations of God; therefore, we have all the qualities and characteristics of the Creator because that is what creators do: they impart their qualities into whatever they create.

We are what God is:

We are all powerful, all knowing, all giving spiritual beings. We are creators and organizers. We are inspirations and motivators.

For most of us, the above words are impossible to accept for we have been told that we are the opposite of greatness from the beginning of this life experience.

We need the angels to help us accept who we are really: the creations of God.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,
We are grateful that we are Masters of Truth Recognition. It’s a relief to know when we are being lied to, charmed, seduced and manipulated.

We are thankful that we hear the truth and know what we hear is so. It’s a relief to know that what we see and sense is real.

We easily bypass the fake, the false statements and those who have forgotten who they are: a creation of God.

We, the Masters of Truth Recognition, are very aware that we are creations of God and thus have all the qualities and characteristics of God.

We know that we are powerful, knowledgeable and the givers in the Universe. We know we are stable, secure and solid. We know that we are always learning, growing and becoming more.

Angels of all of us,
Remind us daily of our greatness, of our ability to discern truth from falsehood, of our strength and abilities.

Help us to accept that we are the mighty creations of God and that each of us stands tall and strong.

Remind us that we are Masters of Truth Recognition and that we can and do recognize the truth and truth tellers.

Remind us that as Masters of Truth Recognition we are obligated to tell the truth always and to be clean in all communications. Help us to do this.

Guide us to use our abilities as Masters of Truth Recognition to carefully choose who and what we will serve.  Remind us that our choices must reflect who we are really: creations of God.

We give thanks and gratefully receive all the guidance, nurturance and support given us to be who we really are.

We stand with the angels, the ascended masters, the master teachers and all those who know that it is from the truth and only from the truth that peace, prosperity, health and empowering relationships come.

And so it is.



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April 28, 2014


It’s been almost five years since I found my Self in the ash of Start Over.  As with most Start Over folks, most of this time has been spent in survival mode.

The Great Give-Away

Five years ago, I gave away almost all of my possessions.  At the time, I knew little about the rights of folks being evicted or foreclosed.  I was concerned that people would arrive unannounced and throw my beautiful things out into the environment where they would be unprotected and destroyed.  So, rather than see that happened, I gave nearly everything away.

I’ve been living without everything but the absolute necessities for health and safety.

I have a strong sense that doing without is almost over for me.  In these last several weeks, I’ve purchased several chairs and a dining table.


I would only do this if I had a strong sense of well-being and of confidence that all is well and will continue to be so.

Join me as I thank the angels and all those who only desire the highest and best for me and for all of us.

Angels of all of us

Angels of all of us, and to all who support us in being, doing and having the highest and the best:

Thank you for your continual support and protection.  Thank you for guiding us in the way that we should go.

Thank you for making certain that our paths cross with those and that which support us with advice, guidance and material goods.

Thank you for wisdom.  Thank you for helping us recognize and understand our options and our opportunities.

Thank you for presenting the truth, giving us the courage to stay in truth and the confidence to walk the way of truth.

We—those in Start Over, those who’ve decided to let the former life pass away and to create and live a new life—we are grateful for your constant presence, guidance, support and protection.

And so it is.



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Relationship with your Self

March 24, 2014


A situation that’s coming more and more into public view is bullying in the workplace.  Most of us have either witnessed, or have experienced a bully boss.  It’s not fun to observe, nor is it fun to encounter.

I’ve just read Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons.  I was struck by how often the destructive power of the bully was destroyed when the victim came to value herself and to honor her unique self by growing her own interests and talents.

This has made me rethink the value we are taught to place on relationships with others. 

Perhaps it is time that we are taught to value our relationship with our Self above all others except our relationship with the Intelligence that created and organized all there is: God, the Universe, whatever name you’ve chosen to call it.

Each of us was given a unique bundle of talents and abilities.  Each of us is a genius in a certain area, is superior in a certain area and is above average in a certain area.  Each of us has a work category that is ours by divine assignment. It is time we recognized and accepted these truths.

We can each hold our head high and walk with power and confidence because each of us is the cherished beloved of the Creator.  None is less then.

It’s time we stopped wanting to be like someone else or to belong to a group that doesn’t suit our nature. 

To do this, we need the help of the angels and all other beings who want the very best for us.

Angels of all of us

Angels of all of us,

Today, each of us lets go of all thoughts of not being worthy, or not being valuable, or not being wanted.

Today, each of us recognizes and accepts that each being is worthy, is valuable and is wanted.

Today, each of us accepts appreciation, gratitude and love.  We accept the honor of being chosen to be who we really are and of being chosen to work with our unique bundle of talents and gifts. We accept the honor of being sought after because we do the work that we do.

Today, I, Barbara, speak the word so that all who are open and receptive to it receive the truth that it reveals.

The truth is that we are wanted and valuable.  The truth is that many seek us out so that they may experience our knowledge, skill and healing powers.

The truth is that we are the beloved of God; therefore, we experience love, support and acceptance.

The truth is we were sent here to this place at this time to do valuable work.

No weapon, not even the weapon of a bully, can harm us.

We are surrounded by the love of God; no bully can penetrate that shield.

Angels of all of us, please remind us of this word.  Let us feel your guidance and comfort as we go about our daily life.

And so it is.



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New View

March 16, 2014


I got a new view of life this week.

Until this week, I’ve imaged all life existing in an energy field called God, with me and all life connected to this super creative, organizing intelligence of all there was, is or will be, God.

In other words, God was on the outside of me, but existing in the same area and always accessible.

This week, I got the reverse image:  God dwells inside of me and all others, closer than breathe, nearer then touch.

Until this week, I’ve lived life as if the answers to my questions were with this outside God.  Now, I’ve come believe that the answers are inside of me, where God dwells.

I’ve come to believe that I’ve known the answers all along, I just didn’t have the confidence to accept them.

Even though I’ve heard most of these ideas before, this was the first time that I understood how much power accepting that I already have the answers gives me.

As always, I go to the angels for assistance.

Angels of All of Us

Angels of all of us,

All of us are grateful for new ideas, new ways of being, and new ways of thinking.  We are grateful for new understandings.  We are grateful for an expanded view of life and how it works.

As we become aware of newness, we ask to know that this new is genuine and true, that it supports the Light, and lifts us into greatness.

As we work with new, we ask for increased confidence, strength and power.  We ask to be led to the circumstances that will benefit most from the new.  We ask for protection and leadership.

Angels of all of us, this is Barbara speaking the Word for all those who are open and receptive to it and for all those who recognize that it is from the truth and only from the truth that health, prosperity, empowering relationships and contributions flow.

Angels of all of us, we thank you for being with us, for supporting and nurturing us.

And so it is.



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