The Four Teachings

The Four Teachings of the Red Thread

There are four parts to the Red Thread Legend. These parts are called teachings.

Teaching One:

We are connected. We always have been, always will be. We are connected to each other, the Cosmos, the Earth and all that Earth contains. We are connected to Spirit, the Creative Intelligence that flows in us, as us and through us. We are connected to angels and all beings.

This connection can never be broken.

We choose this belief of already, always have been, always will be connected.

This connection was formed before we came to this planet. It is part of our destiny.

Saying “I am connected” means that you have chosen to belong to this planet and to the human family. You are choosing to believe that you always have been, are and always will be connected.

Being connected means we are from the planet Earth. We claim this place as our home.

The Legend explains that before you came here it was decided that you would have a place on the thread and a people to serve; that everything you have done leads you to this place and the people you are to serve.

It is up to you to choose this as so for you. You have a place; you have a mission; you have a people.

You are not meant to serve everyone, just the people on your area of the thread; you are not meant to do everything, just the assignments on your piece of the thread.

Teaching Two:

Each of us has a sacred responsibility. You have a calling on your life. You are responsible for living that call. Recognizing that you are called and are responsible for answering that call changes how you live.

This sacred responsibility and how we fulfill it is our story. We get to write this story which means we can change it. We get to determine the three parts of all stories: the beginning, the middle and the end.

The beginning is our past; that’s over and done with; but, each day we make the middle; we can make the middle any way we want it to be.

When we realize that the middle is happening right here and now, it becomes easier to say “no” to certain activities, to certain people. It becomes easier to know who is on your thread, who are the ones you are to serve and how.

Sometimes, saying “no” is the perfect way to serve.

You see yourself as valuable, as worthy, as essential. You see others as valuable, as worthy, as essential.

You treat yourself, your home, your people as being sacred.

When things including the Earth and everything and everyone are treated as sacred, everything changes for the better.

Teaching Three:

Each of us has our own piece of the Red Thread. This piece is unique to us. This uniqueness means that each of us is essential because each of us has wisdom, gifts, talents and skills that others may not have. What we have is needed. What we have is valuable.

Your unique piece is your vision. It contains your specialness: your gifts, talents, skills, experiences and wisdom.

No one else can hold this piece but you; no one else can do this piece for you.

Knowing your piece helps you live your life with clarity and focus. Again, you know what to say “no” to, what to let go and what to welcome.

Holding our piece encourages us to create and to make decisions with intention.

Teaching Four:

We celebrate.

We celebrate our connectedness, knowing that no one or thing can sever our connection to Spirit, to the collective called Human or our connection to our self.

We celebrate knowing that we are only responsible for our self and our piece of the Red Thread. Everyone is to do their own work, live their own life, make their own choices.

We celebrate our walk into the future. Each step we take is one to celebrate.

And so it is.