The Red Thread

In ancient times, when we gathered about the fire, we knew about the Legend of the Red Thread. There are many versions of this legend. The Chinese one goes like this:

“Those who are supposed to meet are connected by an invisible red thread since before birth. This thread can stretch and tangle but it will never break. We will eventually connect. Choosing to stay connected and how we weave is our choice.”


So. Welcome. By meeting here, we fulfill destiny. We finally meet.

We finally connect.

What we do with this connection is up to us.


What usually happens when people connect with me is an exchange of information. I do the work of connecting with angels. This is easy for me because  I came from the angelic realm.

I asked that those who want a message from the angels email me at bslucas@ bellsouth.net. In that email, give me several times and days you are available to chat with me via telephone.

I will select the time and day that fits my schedule and email that information to you.

After listening to why you emailed, I form the questions to ask the angels. I interpret their responses. I am the messenger going between you and the angels.

I am not a psychic.  I do not predict the future. I simply deliver messages. 

The angels I connect with rarely predict the future. Instead, they provide guidance, reassurance, insight, and reflect on what’s going on. All of this can lead you to answers and direction.

People meet with me who want questions answered. The main questions are, “How do I solve this? How do I bring about change? Is the change I’m considering the correct one for me?”

The More

People meet with me because they know I have a connection to the angels. They know that connection leads to solutions.

They have tried to solve their concern. They have repeatedly done what makes sense, what other humans have recommended; now they want the answers and solutions that come from God. They want a higher level connection to Spirit.

They want the answers to their questions to be the ones meant for them and their life.

The message I deliver is the one meant for you. 

Angel Messages

I use the teachings of the Red Thread, my training as an Intentional Creativity Coaching, my teacher training, and my connection to the angels to understand their message to you and then to give you that message so that it is an informative, understandable and useful one.

You often wonder, “Did my answer/solution come from:

  •  ego
  •  the past
  •  hopeful thinking
  •  wishing
  •  Aunt Susan?

Is the answer/solution I received the result of wanting to please:

  • parents
  • best friends
  • teachers
  • mentors?

Or, did the answer/solution come from Spirit, the source of all knowing?

When participating in an Angel Message there is no doubt. You know for certain that Spirit does give information; information that answers questions; information that leads to solutions.

Go here to learn more about this process. Use the form below. Do not place personal information on this form. On this form, give times and days when it is best for you to call me to discuss the information you want from your angel message.

I will select the time and day that works for me and tell you by email.

After our chat, I will contact the angels and email you the result. 

The Law of Giving and Receiving is in operation here. To open the angelic flow, give $35.00 US and receive an angel message.

Pay here: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/BarbaraSLucas