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Wow! I’m so happy you found your way to my site. Gosh! I’m glad you’re here.

People who come here have forgotten who they are. Read my essay about that—click here—and recall that you are intelligent, in fact, brilliant; that you are creative,  a successful problem solver; and, your natural state is one of joy, health, prosperity and being in harmony with all there is.

Your forgetting who you are can lead to all kinds of distress. Unwanted circumstances and situations appear.

You’ve tried the ways of the world to delete these from your existence.  Nothing has worked; they continue. Yet, you persist. Good for you!

Deep inside you is a whisper that says, “There is another way. Connect to me, the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (or, whatever you want to call the Creative Force: God, Jesus, Buddha, Angels, Mother Mary, and so on) and I will bring you peace.”

Sounds wonderful only you’ve forgotten how to connect, how to consult with this Power for Good and how to receive its gifts and blessings.

I do the work of spiritual coach. I help people connect to, consult with and receive from the Creative Intelligence, the Power for Good, this Creator whose greatest pleasure is to give.


My name is Barbara Lucas. I do the work of spiritual coaching. Welcome! I’m so delighted to have you visit. I’m so happy to help you Connect to, Consult with, Receive from Spirit.

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And, so it is.

Rev. Barbara

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