Who Are You Really, the book

Jan. 2014

who 3

 Rev. Barbara’s newest book


I am really excited about this book, Who Are You Really.  It comes from the work I’ve been doing to learn about me.  I wanted to know not only who I am really, but what I am to do with this who.  Everything in this book is how I went about learning this.

Yes. After completing the work I’ve put down in this book I do know who I am really, and I’ve made decisions about what to do with this who.  As a result, I have personal peace, confidence and quiet joy.



I have every belief that this book will help many, many persons including anyone who is:

  • job finding
  • career selecting
  • deciding not to roll over and play dead because they are a certain age
  • and those recovering from unemployment, forced retirement, or loss of stored money, possessions, relationships and reputation.

I invite you to clink on the image Who Are You Really and purchase the book from Amazon Kindle.com.  It will be free starting Jan 20 ending Jan 24.

Who Are You Really details how to use five, no-to-low cost internet-based quizzes to determine the specifics of the five areas that define each life:

  1. your personal themes—what you be
  2. your environmental style—what you need for peace and success
  3. your passions—what attracts you, topics you are called to
  4. your soul cravings—what you constantly seek
  5. and, your life task—what you do no matter what.

These quizzes are similar to the ones some career counselors give so that by doing the work of this book you can:

  1. be your own career counselor
  2. or, verify the results received from a career counseling consultations.

The book contains a way to summarize the results of the quizzes and gives a how-to-use-this-data guide.

By doing the work outlined in this book, the reader gains a clear identification of  who they are, how their life should be and the actions that can give them satisfaction and success.

This book reminds us that who we are really is the beloved of God and that God loves us, supports, protects and defends us, but, in this world, at this time, we, also, need the specifics of who we are in order to have personal peace and success.

This book, also, reminds us that each of us is given talents, abilities and interests that are unique and tailored to who we are really and what we are to do in this present life experience; that each of us is meant to be healthy, prosperous, contented, contributing beings who are loved and are loving; and that each of us has the support and protection of outer and inner spiritual helpers.

Affirmative prayers, motivational quotes and success stories are included.

Thank you for your support.


Rev. Barbara

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